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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Biology

  1. What does the first word designate in the binomial nomenclature system?

    Answer: Genus

  2. What kingdom of organisms does a professional Mycologist study?

    Answer: Fungi

  3. What kind of microscopy does the following describe:
    Samples are treated with an electron-dense material and then cut into thin layers. While inside the microscope's column, electrons that are passed through the sample and differentially scattered to show a silhouetted image on a phosphorescent screen:

    Answer: Transmission Electron Microscopy

  4. Which germ layer in mammals is predominantly responsible for forming the nervous system?

    Answer: Ectoderm

  5. What is the most common physiological term used to denote how the body maintains a stable internal environment in the face of a constantly changing external environment?

    Answer: Homeostasis

  6. Where is intracellular fluid normally found?

    Answer: inside of cells

  7. In 1884, the Danish microbiologist Hans Christian Gram invented the gram stain, which delineates the difference between what two general types of bacteria?

    Answer: Gram Positive And Gram Negative

  8. What are the main products of plasma cells called?

    Answer: Antibodies

  9. This anatomical term means "nearer the midsagittal plane":

    Answer: Medial

  10. The gustatory system has to do mostly with what human sense?

    Answer: Taste

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