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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Biology

  1. In which of the following areas of the human body is the olecranon process found:

    1. hip
    2. wrist
    3. shoulder
    4. elbow

    Answer: D

  2. Darwin’s finches are an example of evolution of a species by the:

    1. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
    2. genetic drift
    3. founder effect
    4. macroevolution

    Answer: C

  3. Plant tissues are generally divided into four main types:

    1. dermal, vascular, ground, meristematic
    2. connective, vascular, ground, meristematic
    3. vascular, ground, meristematic, mesenchymal
    4. vascular, ground, meristematic, mesodermal

    Answer: A

  4. Commensalism is when:

    1. both species benefit
    2. neither species affects the other
    3. one species benefits while the other is unaffected
    4. both species are harmed

    Answer: C

  5. Which of the following responses do auxins NOT typically produce in plants:

    1. cell elongation
    2. fruit maturation
    3. xylem differentiation
    4. pollen tube growth

    Answer: D

  6. Which of the following is NOT true about toxic shock syndrome:

    1. it is not known to occur in males
    2. it is caused by a bacteria
    3. up to 15% of healthy women harbor the causative germ in their vaginal flora
    4. it is associated with infrequent changes of super absorbent tampons

    Answer: A

  7. What is water loss through the stomata of a plant called:

    1. condensation
    2. liquidation
    3. transpiration
    4. exchange

    Answer: C

  8. Spallanzani, Pasteur, and Reti were:

    1. Italian scientists
    2. scientists involved with dispelling the theory of continuous generations
    3. scientists involved with dispelling the theories of spontaneous generation
    4. scientists who all began working as lens grinders

    Answer: C

  9. Which of the following is NOT one of Koch’s Postulates:

    1. the specific causative agent must be found in every case of the disease
    2. the disease organism can be isolated in impure culture
    3. inoculation of a sample of the culture into a healthy susceptible animal must produce the same disease
    4. diseased organisms must be recovered from the body of the inoculated animal

    Answer: B

  10. Which of the following is most accurate about the pasteurization of milk:

    1. it makes milk taste better
    2. it kills all bacteria
    3. it lowers the milk’s pH
    4. it reduces the population of bacteria

    Answer: D

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