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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Astronomy

  1. What term is most commonly used to refer to the actual motion that stars have in relation to each other, and over many years will lead to changes in the shapes of constellations?

    Answer: Proper Motion

  2. What is the constant called that is the average flux of the Sun's energy arriving at the Earth:

    Answer: Solar Constant

  3. In a search for "Planet X", this celestial body was found after astronomers had searched for an orbital disturbance of the planet Uranus:

    Answer: Pluto

  4. Sam Langley invented what instrument, which allows astronomers to measure the energy output of the Sun and other stars:

    Answer: Bolometer

  5. How many half- moons are there in a lunar cycle?

    Answer: 2

  6. The Persied's Meteor Showers are viewed in the State of Maine during what month?

    Answer: August

  7. This powerful telescope weighs about 11 tons, has a primary mirror 7.9 feet in diameter, and orbits about 380 miles above the earth:

    Answer: The Hubble Telescope

  8. In the Doppler effect, what is the correct term for the change in the color of light when an object that is emitting light is moving toward the observer?

    Answer: Blue-Shift

  9. What is the thinnest layer of the Sun's atmosphere?

    Answer: The Corona

  10. What are the only two planets to rotate from East to West?

    Answer: Venus And Uranus

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