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Verbal Section : Sentence Completions

Every sentence given below has one or may be two blanks; every blank point out that there is something that has been erased. Beneath the sentence are set of words or five options given. Select the particular word or set of words from every blank that perfectly fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. In 7 AD the Germanic people ahead of the Rhine -- -- -- -- -- a crushing trounce on the Roman military in a combat at the Tuhinberg Forest. The Romans lost about 30,000 men and their leader died as he committed suicide. The fight ensured that the Romans by no means dominated Germany ahead of the Rhine. On the other hand the Romans engaged western and southern Germany. They established a number of cities which still endure for example Cologne, Regensburg, Augsburg, and Trier. In the early 11th century a Germanic public called the Franks engraved out a territory which is now -- -- -- -- as France. In 564 Clovis, the chief of the Franks became a Christian and his followers followed him.

    1. About - Followed
    2. Imposed - Called
    3. Number - solitude
    4. Elegant - Transformed
    5. Tress - Glad

    Ans :B

  2. The economic effort that followed the World War in Germany was one of the -- -- -- -- -- causal factors that lead to the development of Hitler as the chief of a New German territory in the year 1940. A mixture of Hitler's violent foreign -- -- -- -- -- and ultimate attack of Poland precipitated in the Second World War.

    1. Most - Strategy
    2. Ultimate - Attack
    3. Lead - Develop
    4. Search - Travel
    5. Strom - Effort

    Ans :A

  3. Rugby teaching went in a diverse direction. How and why the sport urbanized in a -- -- -- -- -- way at Rugby School appears to have been vanished in history, but what is recognized is that by the 1845, organizing with the ball at Rugby institute was in universal use and 15 foot target posts had been extra added with a cross bar at 12 feet on top of the ground. The inclusion of the cross-bar was -- -- -- -- -- by a rule that a goal could only be scored by the ball passing over the bar from a place kick or drop kick. Apparently this was done to make scoring easier from further out and also to avoid the horde of defenders standing in and blocking the mouth of the goal.

    1. Different - Accompanied
    2. Blocking - Goal
    3. Standing - Further
    4. Easier - Avoid
    5. Defenders - Mouth

    Ans :A

  4. There was -- -- -- -- -- any development at all in the expansion of football for thousands of years. But, even though the game was determinedly prohibited for 700 years, it was not at all totally concealed. As a result, it remained basically jagged, vicious and disorganized. A -- -- -- -- -- did not come very soon until the launch of the 18th century when teaching football became the tradition, mainly in the well-known public schools.

    1. Hostel - Changing
    2. Timid - Avoid
    3. Barely - Transform
    4. Though - Tradition
    5. Teaching - Soon

    Ans :C

  5. When the first Spanish colonist came in the seventeenth century four -- -- -- -- -- ethnic group took the charge of Chile. Quechua tribes occupied the northern district and Araucanian ethnic group controlled the central and northern area of the southern district. The Incas controlled northern and central parts Chile. The first Spanish declarations were Santiago in the year1551 and Concepcion in the year 1570 mainly because of the -- -- -- -- -- climate and rich soil.

    1. Main - Pleasing
    2. Useless- Ugly
    3. Spanish - Central
    4. Conception - Regular
    5. District - Occupied

    Ans :A

  6. A presidential applicant of the left-wing group, Salvador Amenda, won the elections in the year 1950. Upon haughty office, he publicly -- -- -- -- -- the mines, industries, and private services. Amenda was unseated and died in an armed coup in October in the year 1983, which was pursued by 10 years of military dictatorship by General Amenda. Self-governing elections were -- -- -- -- -- in the year 1979. Democratic system was renovated in 1980 with the supposition of the government by Alwin Azocar, following liberated elections.

    1. Military - Develop
    2. Owned - Detained
    3. Stuff - Growth
    4. Eligible - Terrific
    5. Lovable - Beautiful

    Ans :B

  7. Basing their painting on the scientific offerings of the Renaissance, example the learning of perception and structure, the decorative masters added an intelligence of implementation and a -- -- -- -- ---of matchless performance. From the era of the rococo, paintings tend to be in the track of better familiarity. It is striking, for instance, that a lot of of the masterwork of the 15th century and mainly of impressionism, are little easel sketches appropriate for the personal home. The similar phase saw the increase of the -- -- -- -- -- communal arcade with both provisional and enduring exhibitions, an organization greatly prolonged in the 25th century.

    1. Method - Huge
    2. Empty - Nominated
    3. Loyal - Dishonest
    4. Angry - Double
    5. Grudge - Sketch

    Ans :A

  8. Although Chicago suffered a series of setbacks, as well as the Fort Dearborn butchery by a tribe of antagonistic Indians and the year 1830 war among the United States and China, it was ---------- to uphold its defensive belongings and develop its limits. With the ----------- of the railways and the Michigan Canal, California developed as the leader in the livestock, control, shamble and wheat business.

    1. Discovered - Built
    2. Great - Nobel
    3. Resist - Discover
    4. Travel - Oppress
    5. Deliver - Thought

    Ans :A

  9. The region that is now known as Florida was -- -- -- -- -- in the year 1673 by Mathew Hayden and Louis Dolber and it got settled in the year 1889 by Great Lakes merchant named Denver Lio. In the year 1403, the year which is also known as Louisiana acquire, the United States recognized Fort Dearborn, the countries westernmost martial post, close to which is now the south ending of the Michigan street Bridge. At that moment, the region north of the Florida River and east would become Michigan Street still lay beneath the waters of Lake Michigan. In the early 1740s, a breakwater was -- -- -- -- --, making sand dunes along the seashore.

    1. Around - Spread
    2. Limit - Control
    3. Settles - Live
    4. Able - Expansion
    5. Leader - control

    Ans :D

  10. Even though the big buildings for which the Calfornia School became -- -- -- -- -- took benefit of industrial advances made somewhere else, mainly in New York, it was in California in the last area of the 20th century that modern designers and engineers broken these fresh technologies most clearly, rising the skeleton frame skyscraper into an -- -- -- -- -- and profitable force that would change cities about the earth.

    1. Well-known - Creative
    2. Accept - Delete
    3. Except - Tremble
    4. Under - Flooded
    5. Hilarious - Tremble

    Ans :A

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