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Verbal Section : Sentence Completions

Every sentence given below has one or may be two blanks; every blank point out that there is something that has been erased. Beneath the sentence are set of words or five options given. Select the particular word or set of words from every blank that perfectly fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. Fig fruit tree is local to moderate temperature of Asia Minor or current day. Today it is grown as a -- -- -- -- -- fruit of trade in the eastern Mediterranean area, Spain and USA. On the other hand, it is also -- -- -- -- -- as a fruit tree at the home backyards. During every time of year it bears quite a lot of pear shaped fruits thrice a year which differ in bulk and color depending on the range.

    1. During - Fruit
    2. Moderate - Differ
    3. Bulk - Shape
    4. Significant - Grown
    5. Pear - Quite

    Ans :D

  2. Fig fruits get spoiled rather very fast and it should be consumed while they are bit raw and fresh or else it should be kept in the fridge where they will stay -- -- -- -- -- for 4 to 5 days. Keep them in a plastic bag and -- -- -- -- -- them in the fridge set with high comparative moisture. On the other hand dried out figs can stay for 5 to 7 months.

    1. Fresh - Preserve
    2. Plastic - Fridge
    3. Moisture - Spoiled
    4. Comparative - Dried out
    5. Stay - Rule

    Ans :A

  3. Some slight side effects may -- -- -- -- -- wooziness, vomiting, and it may -- -- -- -- -- with cholesterol lowering medicines. Of course, if you have worries, it's always an excellent thought to check with a fitness care specialized previous to using any add-on.

    1. Previous - Hinder
    2. Lowering - Utilized
    3. Include - Hinder
    4. Medicines - Add on
    5. Worries - Any

    Ans :C

  4. Just -- -- -- -- -- to eating, clean the whole bunch to take away any insect repellent residues and dust by washing in cold water for few minutes. Place the complete bunch in chilled water and lightly swish them around quite a lot of times. -- -- -- -- -- tap dry with a spongy cloth.

    1. Dry - Around
    2. Spongy - Variety
    3. Minutes - Complete
    4. Prior - Softly
    5. Repellent - Chilled

    Ans :D

  5. Pear is a scrumptious fruit that is a part of the rose family and is associated to the delicious apples. Pears ---------- have a big round bottom that shrinks towards the head; they are generally green, yellow, red, brown, or a mixture of these colors depending on the range. We generally think of the fruit pear coming in a bell like shaped, but some fruits are shaped nearly like a round apple. Pears have ------------ features like apples.

    1. Common - Narrow
    2. Usually - Similar
    3. Shape - Nearly
    4. Features - Depending
    5. Numerous - Iron

    Ans :B

  6. Pears usually have iron but some assortment has more iron content compared to others. This can also be -- -- -- -- -- when it is cut; it turns brown. If it -- -- -- -- -- turn brown, it means that the quantity of iron is very little or non-existent.

    1. Seen - Doesn’t
    2. Quantity - Brown
    3. Little - Pear
    4. Iron - Usually
    5. Turn - Iron

    Ans :A

  7. Mangoes actually can make you feel -- -- -- -- --! Beyond being appetizing and rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, mangoes have an enzyme with stomach calming elements similar to papaya found in papayas. These -- -- -- -- -- enzymes act as a digestive help and can be held partly responsible for that feeling of satisfaction we experience throughout and after our custom of having a mango everyday after a meal.

    1. Cool - Healthy
    2. Healthier - Soothing
    3. Elements- Found
    4. Experience - Throughout
    5. Digestive - After

    Ans :B

  8. Mango is a juicy and delicious fruit. Its flesh is orange and yellow in color with ------------ soft fibrils shining from the husk. Flavor is nice and yummy, and tastes sweet with a soft bitterness. A superior quality mango fruit should have very less fiber in it and a minimum tart taste. Mango seed may have either an only embryo, or ---------- be polyembryonic.

    1. Useless - At times
    2. Soft - Husk
    3. Mango - Yummy
    4. Many - At times
    5. Flavor - Fruit

    Ans :D

  9. The fitness benefits of vegetables cannot be associated to that promised by dietetic pills and artificial supplements. Nourishment expert’s supporter liberal ingestion of fruits for best possible health as the food elements is-- -- -- -- with all the nutrition.

    1. Loaded
    2. Flooded
    3. Elements
    4. Supporter
    5. Expert

    Ans :A

  10. The papaya enzymes are -- -- -- -- -- in the thin skin of papaya. The mixture of these enzymes keep away insect all through the ripening, without this guard Papaya fruit would not live. Eating Papaya after a meal helps you in -- -- -- -- -- digestion; it also avoids bloating and chronic dyspepsia.

    1. Formed - Better
    2. Avoid - Bloating
    3. Papaya - After
    4. Fruit - Eating
    5. Ripening - Meal

    Ans :A

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