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Verbal Section : Sentence Completions

Every sentence given below has one or may be two blanks; every blank point out that there is something that has been erased. Beneath the sentence are set of words or five options given. Select the particular word or set of words from every blank that perfectly fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. The Egyptians were very creative people. Lot of things, the Egyptians came up with were very original. Even today’s values and beauty -- -- -- -- -- was one of those important things. They had the ability for rising natural formulas to -- -- -- -- -- their skin problems.

    1. Cosmetics - Resolve
    2. Formulas - Problems
    3. Original - Ability
    4. Creative - Values
    5. Important - Problems

    Ans :A

  2. It is said that it is the French who firstly made make over , and then this skill was ------------ to Japan, United States, Korea, and finally to UK. The development base also moved from France, Korea, Japan and China. The construction moved mainly because of manual labor cost and surroundings security policy.

    1. Manual
    2. Moved
    3. Japan
    4. Extended
    5. Labor cost

    Ans :D

  3. The innovative formulation for Mum deodorant spray was -- -- -- -- -- in the year 1898, by an unidentified discoverer from Florida and is usually accepted as being the first ever viable product to -- -- -- -- -- odor.

    1. Terror - To be
    2. Formulation - Usually
    3. Generally - Florida
    4. Established - Avoid
    5. Discover - Spray

    Ans :D

  4. Used in Egypt and Mesopotamia in 12,000 BC, Eyeliner and other -- -- -- -- -- cosmetics were not only applied for aesthetics but also to guard the skin from the burning desert sunlight. Study has also considered that eyeliner was applied to guard the wearer from the -- -- -- -- -- eye. 

    1. Burning - Guard
    2. Beauty - Wicked
    3. Sunlight - Study
    4. Considered - Eyeliner
    5. Applied - Guard

    Ans :B

  5. There was no importance of Eyeliner in twenties. Women merely weren't trying to create their eye lashes -- -- -- -- -- black and thicker, they took the help of black grease, black eye liners or khol eye pencils; this was used to -- -- -- -- -- their eyelid. Americans was admired during that period, thanks to the current opening of the grave of Tutankhamun.

    1. Period - Lashes
    2. Look - Define
    3. During - Admired
    4. Thanks - Liners
    5. Eye liners - Humble

    Ans :B

  6. The ancient Egyptians took great pride in their look and hygiene. Most Egyptians took -- -- -- -- -- daily in the pond or in the water sink at home. Rich homes had a restroom where the servants would dispense jugs of clean water over their master which is alike to a present day shower. The excess was worn out through a pipe to water the garden. A body wash or cream which was generally made up of animal or vegetable fat -- -- -- -- -- with fresh lime and fragrance was used in place of soap.

    1. Bath - Mixed
    2. Restroom - Pipe
    3. Present - Shower
    4. Excess - Animal
    5. Cream - Perfume

    Ans :A

  7. Along with a different range of makeup color choices, you have a mixture of different types from which to select. Makeup is accessible in usual, blotch proof and water-resistant products. The -- -- -- -- -- choice for you, depends on your everyday activities and your reasons for applying makeup. Blotch proof and water-resistant makeup are similar with some minor differences.

    1. Wrong
    2. Correct
    3. Minor
    4. Blotch
    5. Applying

    Ans :B

  8. Blotch proof makeup will not vanish or spread as you take part in your -- -- -- -- -- activities. It will also stay in place if you wipe your eyes, rub your face or are uncovered to small quantity of moisture. Make over designed to be -- -- -- -- -- proof is made from thicker cosmetic than customary makeup. 

    1. Revival - Customary
    2. Everyday - Blotch
    3. Designed - Make over
    4. Uncovered - Quantity
    5. Small - Proof

    Ans :B

  9. Apples are attained from the average sized tree ----------- to the rosaceae family. Its Biological name is Malus domestica. The growing of the apple tree was initiated in the mineral rich mountain valleys of Kazakhstan, and is now being grown in different parts of the world.

    1. Different
    2. Belonging
    3. Mineral
    4. Mountain
    5. World

    Ans :B

  10. Orange fruit season starts from November and lasts until March. Mature fruits are -- -- -- -- -- cultivated from the tree with the help of machines. Such little scuff however; on the fruit surfaces generally do not control the -- -- -- -- -- of the fruit.

    1. Generally - Superiority
    2. Little - Continue
    3. Surface - apparent
    4. Until - Machines
    5. Mature - Season

    Ans :A

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