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Verbal Section : Sentence Completions

Every sentence given below has one or may be two blanks; every blank points out that there is something that has been erased. Beneath the sentence are a set of words or five options given. Select the particular word or set of words from every blank that perfectly fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. Human Trafficking is an offense against -- -- -- -- -- . It occupies an act of transporting, recruiting, transferring, harboring or getting a person through a use of power, force or other means, for the reason of developing them. Every year, hundreds of men, women and children become the victim of traffickers, in their own countries and overseas. Every country in the earth is -- -- -- -- -- by trafficking, whether as a country of foundation, transit or purpose for victims.

    1. People - Overstated
    2. Human - Magnified
    3. Mankind - Puffed up
    4. Civilization - Exaggerated
    5. People - Inflated

    Ans :D

  2. Lotuses are symbols of transparency and impulsive generation and hence -- -- -- -- -- earthly birth. According to the Lalitavistara, 'the soul of the top of men is immaculate, like the fresh lotus in the water which does not stick to it, and, according to mysterious Buddhism, the heart of the human beings is like an -- -- -- -- -- lotus: when the qualities of the Buddha build up therein the lotus flourish. This is why the Buddha sits on a lotus in flourish.

    1. Represent - Beautiful
    2. Embody - Ugly
    3. Personify - Unsightly
    4. Exemplify - Hideous
    5. Typify - Revolting

    Ans :A

  3. Terrorism is not new to anyone. In reality, in some respects, that what is nowadays known as -- -- -- -- -- predates by millennia the current term used to explain it. This is not to say that the work of terrorism has remained stationary. To a certain extent, as the difficulties concerned in defining it replicate, -- -- -- -- -- has evolved significantly over the years, even if keeping some of the same individuality that have traditionally typified it.

    1. Peace - Mankind
    2. Love - Peace
    3. Co-ordination –Human nature
    4. Violence - Terrorism
    5. Fighting - Calm

    Ans :D

  4. A vacation aim should be like the Smoky Mountains as it is -- -- -- -- -- because of the lot of things to do and the magnificent places to stay. The area offers all you require for a family holiday, marriage, dreamy getaway, church move back, family meeting, military meeting, or corporate Smoky Mountain gathering place.

    1. Meaningful - assembly
    2. Worthwhile - Gathering
    3. Momentous - Congress
    4. Significant - get together
    5. Important - School assembly

    Ans :B

  5. Cartoons have long record. When people think of cartoons, they may think of -- -- -- -- -- books, opinionated cartoons and Saturday mornings when they were children. But cartoons have been more or less in print and diagram media for numerous hundred years. Some of the initial cartoons go back to the 19th Century Britain, where cartoons would come into view satirizing -- -- -- -- -- people of the day.

    1. Serious - Dull
    2. Sober - Dry
    3. Comedian - Renowned
    4. Grim - Boring
    5. Stern - Tedious

    Ans :C

  6. AICC met at an occasion when there is a -- -- -- -- -- of scandals and the country is waiting to know what level of fraud would create rage in the party," said party representative Nirmala Sitharaman. "But there was total peace in the three main speeches on -- -- -- -- --". The major speakers used the diversionary tactic of conversing fear charges on activists of the RSS, a pro-self-government association.

    1. Series - Dishonesty
    2. List - Honesty
    3. Record - Loyalty
    4. Roll - Devotion
    5. Evidence - Fidelity

    Ans :A

  7. The antique idea that the sick are obsessed of devils remained on in the souls of the -- -- -- -- -- and in the practices of the saints and general practitioners for ages after it should have passed into void. All throughout the middle Ages and even nowadays in some sectors of America and Europe, this policy of demonic control was held to be richly proved by the Bible. Jesus is said to have shed out devils and throughout the Middle Ages it was held that to disbelief demonical control was to -- -- -- -- -- the whole structure of Christian policy. The policy of demonic control was as well ashore in the Scriptures as was a faith in witches and witchcraft.

    1. Human - Lose
    2. Mankind - Be beaten
    3. Man - Mislay
    4. Women - Misplace
    5. People - Conquer

    Ans :B

  8. Chocolate is made from trees and plants, which means it has many of the health -- -- -- -- -- of dark vegetables. These advantages are from flavonoids, which generally act as antioxidants. Antioxidants guard the body from aging caused by number of radicals, which can cause damage that leads to many heart diseases. Dark chocolate has a lot of antioxidants as compared to strawberries. Flavonoids also help rest blood pressure through the construction of nitric oxide, and -- -- -- -- -- certain hormones in your body.

    1. Benefits- Control
    2. Advantages - Power
    3. Gains - Direct
    4. Add - Straight
    5. Inserts - Shortest

    Ans :A

  9. Penguins lost the -- -- -- -- -- to fly billions of years ago, but their strong flipper-like wings and sleek bodies make them very skillful swimmers. They are the best swimmers and deepest plunging species of any birds. While swimming, penguins will jump above the plane of the water. This particular practice is known as proposing. This coats their plumage with minute foam that -- -- -- -- -- friction, permitting them to swim as fast as 25 miles per hour.

    1. Ability - Increase
    2. Gift - Amplify
    3. Reward - Enlarge
    4. Capability - Lessens
    5. Incentive - Raise

    Ans :D

  10. (a)Polar bears' preferred food is the ringed seal. Polar bears -- -- -- -- -- catch ringed seals when seals surface to respire at openings in the ice or at inhalation holes called aglus. In fall, a seal cuts ten to twelve aglus in the ice using the -- -- -- -- -- claws on its fore flippers. It keeps the aglus unwrap all winter long, even when ice is eight feet thick.

    1. Regularly - Pointed
    2. Recurrently - Blunt
    3. Repeatedly - Dull
    4. Constantly - Bright
    5. Frequently - Vivid

    Ans :A

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