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SAT Sample Questions

The SAT sample questions are divided into seven sections, which are timed separately. There are three verbal and three math sections, with each subject divided into two 30-minute sections and one 15-mintue section. The seventh section, which lasts 30 minutes and can either be verbal or math, does not count toward your score. It is used to try out new SAT sample questions and to make sure that test scores are comparable with those of past and future tests.

There are three types of verbal questions: sentence completion, analogies, and critical reading. These SAT sample questions test your vocabulary as well as your ability to understand and analyze what you read, and to recognize relationships between parts of a sentence and between pairs of words.

There are also three types of math questions: multiple-choice, quantitative comparisons, and those that require you to generate your own answers. these measure your ability to solve problems, and they are designed so that a year of algebra along with some geometry is the most advanced course work you need to answer them. You may bring along your calculator.

SAT sample questions tests your skills in TWO broad areas :

  1. Verbal
    Sentence Completions
    Reading Comprehension
  2. Math (Quantitative)
    Quantitative Comparisons
    Standard Multiple-choice
    Data Interpretation
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