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Reading Comprehension

Read the comprehension and answer the following question:

The short story as a concise and complete tale restricted to a single efficient, and dealing for this cause with one profile, some exacting and enlightening aspect of the essential character's character in a single period is perhaps a sixteenth and seventeenth century incident in Europe. It can be urbanized clearly from stories wicker into usual novels such as in Don Quixote, Cervantes and in Alexender Dumas, The three Musketeers, etc. In the England the Doctor Jhonson's age short story method was applied to stories of teaching ethical lessons. Only in the nineteenth century did it start to obtain the form that is well-known to us today. Perhaps the best practioner of the short story in Europe and the man who gave it a status as a self-regulating and mythical form, was guy de Maupassant. From France the structure travelled to England and Russia and was right away adopted in America Edger. Allen Poe used the small story form of tales of mood and terror as well as for police man stories. O, Henry tuned the short to comedy and wit. It was predictable that, under the pressure of English writing, when the British governed South Asia, the south form should make a way here. As in other places in South Asia too, storytelling is an antique art, older than the Panchatantra and the Katha Sarit Sagar. But the short story or storytelling did not grow considerably as an self-regulating form until storytelling was jerked into the current age with the work of Prem Chand, who wrote in both Urdu and Hindi languages. His languages may be described, most suitably, as Hindustani, the stem from which the Persian zed modification branched out into Urdu and the Sankritised modification into Hindi. The direction towards a current receptivity came from him principally and the thread was chosen up by Ismat Chugtai, who came into admired acclaim with her two volumes of short stories, Choten and Kaliaan. Her stories performed in action and personality the social ways, knowledge of men women 1930 and the 1940's and, wiles. Though she sustained to write for the next years and though her work retrained its vitality and pointedness, she has been measured basically as some kind of bridge between the reserved story writing of Prem Chand on the other hand and the honest and open stories of Saadat Hassan Manto and the two most famous fiction writers produced by the progressive Writers group, Krishan Chander Nd Rajinder Singh Bedi. These three writers, Krishan Chander, Manto and Bedi developed the Urdu short story to its most refined level. They have been newly made obtainable to the English understanding public in rendition by Mr. Jai Ratan for two section of the chosen short stories of Krishnan Chander and Rajinder Singh Bedi available by the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi and a set of the short stories of Saadat Hhassan Mnato, The best of Maanto, in print by sterling Publishers, New Delhi.

Among these three writers, Manto who died in 1955 at the very young age of forty three, veered diction ally to the speech used by Prem Chand, a Hindustani written in alif- bey but carrying feelings and suggestion that was a immense deal more delicate and pointed. However, what Manto is recognized the most of all for are his disobedience of social gathering about what may and may not be openly stated and his liking for depicting scenes and act openly. A definite section of the community, the middle class conventional who favored a gloss of ethics and stood determinedly by ossified rites and approach oppose him with all the pressure at its command, and he was pulled up a number of times on charges of obscenity. If there is anything for which one may call him to account, it is that he tends irregularly to be self-consciously complete and uninhibited in his selection of themes and in the language in which he uttered himself. Statements detract from finely. For all this, Manto short stories evocative in some ways of Maupassant, do not make self-indulgence, envy and abuse attractive though he writes with sympathy of the nightfall planet of prostitutes and underdogs, his information and understanding of their lives, objectives and actions is visibly genuine. Stories such as Toba tek Singh, Khol De, and Babu Gopinath are today nearly classics and will persist to stay applicable to The South Asian's Predicament for an elongated time.

  1. What are the two volumes of stories and fables printed in India?

    1. Katha Sarit Sagar and Panchatantra
    2. Katha sagar
    3. Panchatantra tunga and Katha sagar
    4. Prem chandrani
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  2. What are the most important characteristics of Ismat Chugtai's short stories?

    1. Wisdom, wiles, ways of men and women
    2. Knowledge, tricks, way of leaving of women and men
    3. Facts, activities, Behaviors
    4. Details, Perception, Insight
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  3. Why did Manto's stories make the stigma of obscenity?

    1. He wrote against Prostitutes and Underdogs
    2. He wrote with sympathy with the prostitutes and Underdogs
    3. He wrote only on Politicians
    4. He wrote on social work
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  4. In the -- -- --  of Doctor Jhonson period short story method was applied to tales of education moral lessons.

    1. France
    2. Japan
    3. China
    4. England
    5. New York

    Answer (d)

  5. Stories such as Khol De, Toba tek Singh and -- -- -- are today nearly classics and will persist to stay so

    1. Babu Gopinath
    2. Panchatantra
    3. Ismat Chugtai
    4. Prem chandrani
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

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