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Reading Comprehension

Read the comprehension and answer the following question:

One of the major advances in recent skill has been the creation of computers. They are already extensively used in business and in universities. Now there is barely any sphere of human life where computers have not been used for the service of Man. We are heading quick on the close of this current century towards a circumstance when a computer will be as much part of man's everyday life as a telephone or a fridge. Computers are skilled of doing tremendously difficult work in all branches of knowledge. They can resolve the most difficult mathematical troubles or put thousands of unconnected facts in order. These machines can be put to various uses. For example they can give information on the best way to avoid travel accidents or they can add up the number of times the word and has been utilized in the Bible, since they work precisely and at high speeds, they keep research staff years of hard work. The entire process by which appliance can be used to work for us had been called mechanization. In the upcoming automation may allow human beings far more spare time than they do nowadays. The coming of mechanization is bound to have significant social cost. Some years ago a specialist on mechanization, Sir Leon Bagrit, pointed out that it was a fault to consider that this machine could feel. There is chance that human being will be forbidden by equipments, though computers are capable of erudition from their fault to consider that these equipments could consider. There is no likelihood that human will be restricted by equipments. Though computers are proficient of education from their mistakes and humanizing on the presentation, they require complete instructions from human beings to be able to function. There can by no means, as it was to lead autonomous lives or rule the globe by making choices of their own.

Sir, Leon said that in the expectations, computers would be developed which would be minute enough to take in the pocket. Common people would then be able to utilize them to get hold of precious information. Computers could be plugged into a nationwide network and be used like radios. For example, people going on celebration could be informed about weather conditions conditions, car drivers can be given options routes when there are traffic. It will also be probable to make small translating equipments. This will allow people who do not contribute to a common speech to talk to each other without any complexity or to read foreign book. It is impossible to way in the importance of an appliance of this sort, for much worldwide confusion is caused only through our malfunction to recognize each other. Computers will also be used in normal community hospitals. By given that an appliance with patients systems, a doctor will be able to analyze the nature of his sickness. In the same way, machines could be utilized to make sure on a patient's physical condition evidence and bring it up to appointment. Doctors will therefore have an instant way in to a great many facts which will assist them to their job. Book keepers and accountants too could be done completely by equipments. Computers will also be able to tell the precise period a man is going to survive with the assist of his blood picture. Computers are the well-organized servants man has ever had and there is no boundary to the way they can be utilized to recover our lives.

  1. What is the suitable title for the comprehension?

    1. Computers and technologies
    2. Uses of computers
    3. Computers
    4. Equipments
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  2. Computers are skilled of doing tremendously difficult work in all branches of -- -- --

    1. Awareness
    2. Knowledge
    3. Wakefulness
    4. Responsiveness
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  3. ------ will assist the Doctors to have instant way in to a many important facts which will assist them in their job

    1. Computers
    2. Machines
    3. Equipments
    4. Appliances
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  4. Computers are the -- -- --  servants that man will ever have

    1. Ordered
    2. Planned
    3. Controlled
    4. Well-organized
    5. None of the above

    Answer (d)

  5. One of the major advances in recent skill has been the creation of -- -- --

    1. Computers
    2. Machine
    3. Equipments
    4. Appliances
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

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