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Reading Comprehension

Read the comprehension and answer the following question:

Box and Cox has been called a saga of actual life in one act. A romance is an imaginative story. It is a colorful exaggeration. The characters behave in an absurd way. This play has three characters two male and one female. One works in a press all hours of darkness, the other makes hat all through the day. The lady rents out the similar room to two persons. Box and Cox keep irritable all through. They criticize of pilferage of their coal, sugar, candles and match boxes. Both believe their landlady to be the equitable lodger and ask the other fellow to give up or go to the attic. They eventually drag in Mrs. Bouncer and disgrace her.

Box and Cox is a one act play. It has just three characters. John box is a printer. James Cox is a hat maker. Mrs. Bouncer is an intelligent and sharp woman. She rents out the same room to both of them mutually. It becomes possible because Mr. Box spends the night at the press. He returns to his room only in the morning. Cox being a hat maker leaves the room in the morning and returns home late evening. Mrs. Bouncer tells either tenant that the other man lives in the attic. Cox is ready to leave his factory. He looks at himself in a small looking glass. His hair is very short. It looks as if he has been first given a hair cut for the army. He declares that he would never have his hair cut again. A knock at the door and Mrs. Bouncer enters. She enquires if he has had sound sleep. He asks her to provide a bigger bolster. He puts on his coat and then his hat. The hat is too big for his head. He attributes it to his close cropped hair. Earlier the hat was tight fitting. He tries the second and then the third hat. It wobbles less than the others. Before he leaves he complains to Mrs. B that his coals go quite fast. The same is true about his candles, wood, sugar and matches. She tells him not to suspect her. But no cat says he can run away with all those things. She asks if he has got anything else to grumble about. Cox tells her the meaning of the word grumble. It means to complain without cause, but he has reason to complain. He raises another issue. He wonders why his apartment is often full of smoke, not of chimney smoke but of tobacco smoke. Mrs. B doesn't smoke herself. She directs the blame to the gentleman who lives in the attic. This gentleman is Box, and he hardly is without a pipe on his mouth while he sits with his feet on the shelf above the fireplace. Cox wonders how Box's feet can reach the mantel piece. He corrects her. Perhaps she means that Cox sits on the metal frame around the fire or on the raised platform beside the fire. There he sits for hours and puffs away into the fire place. Cox is again at a loss to know how smoke instead of going up the chimney blows down into the room. He admits having seen Box, the young gentleman on the staircase. He takes leave of Mrs. B, instructing her not to light his fire in future not to forget the bolster and not to boil his milk. Mrs. B heaves a sigh of relief when Mr. Cox goes out of door. She thanks her stars that her two lodgers have not met yet. There is only one of them at a time in the room. Thus she is getting double rent for her room. She makes haste to put Mr. Cox's things out of Mr. Box's way. She puts Cox's hats, gown and slippers in the store cupboard. She puts the key on the ledge of the door. She also decides to ask Mr. Box not to smoke so much. As for the bed, the head of the bed for Mr. Cox becomes the foot of the bed for Mr. Box. This is how their taste differs so much.

Box arrives. He is dressed as a printer. He is in a temper. This is because he is feeling, tired and sleepy. He is hungry also. His problem is to whether to take his breakfast after a short nap or before it. He enquires about the man whom he met a while before on the staircase. She reports that the gentleman lives in the attic. She also says that the gentleman objects to that Box is smoking too much. Box wants Cox to find a room in some other village. He has brought a thin slice of bacon or pork for his breakfast. He places it on the table along with two penny bread roll. He then looks for his matchbox to light the fire. He had a whole box only three days ago and now there is only one stick left in it. He suspects that Mrs. B steals his candles and his sugar. But he is shocked to learn that she steals his match sticks also. His candles also run short three parts gone. He rarely lights it because he stays at home only during day time. Finally he looks at the metal frame or gridiron. He had last cooked on it a pork cutlet. But now it smells of some fish. Anyway, he places the bacon slice on the gridiron and goes to sleep. Cox enters the room. He was about eleven minutes late for the office. While he was looking into the shop secretly with excitement, his employer did him a favor. He told Cox to have a holiday. He thought loafing about. But he was eager to have his breakfast. He too has brought a mutton cutlet. He puts it on the table. He sees a roll and calls himself lucky. He looks for the matchbox to light the fire. He finds the matchbox empty. He remembers having left one matchstick in it in the morning. He is further amazed to see alight already. He notices the gridiron on the table and place his mutton chop on the gridiron. He goes out to bring other breakfast things.

  1. Who is Cox?

    1. Cox is a hat maker
    2. Cox is a potter
    3. Cox is a farmer
    4. Cox is a painter
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  2. What does Cox mean by 'considerable stretch'?

    1. A short distance
    2. A long distance
    3. Distance
    4. To cover distance
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  3. Give three more phrases connected with "smoke"?

    1. Smoke screen, smoking room, go up in smoke
    2. Smokey, smoker, smoking
    3. Smokey room, feel the smoke, try smoking
    4. Smoke now, smoke there, don't smoke
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  4. Who is Mr. Box?

    1. He is a Farmer
    2. He is a painter
    3. He is a potter
    4. He is a lodger
    5. None of the above

    Answer (d)

  5. What is his destiny?

    1. His destiny is to make and sell hats
    2. His destiny is to buy hats
    3. His destiny is to wear hats
    4. His destiny is to make hats
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

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