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Reading Comprehension

Read the comprehension and answer the following question:

Freedom is man's fundamental right, one of his basic necessities for a full life. Death is preferable to slavery. But political freedom alone would not do. Tagore exhorted the people to be free from so many other evils. The evils of blind beliefs, sluggishness, old habits, falsehood and dependence on fate. They should be the masters of their own destiny. This poem gives us Tagore's new concept of freedom. It is not limited to political freedom. He foresees a bright future for Bharat. He draws attention to several pitfalls and evils other than independence from slavery. To start with, Tagore calls for freedom from fear, the fear of pain and suffering in the course of freedom struggle. The country men of free India should also shake of the burden of blind beliefs, slackness, old dead habits, fatalism and falsehood. These social evils are crippling the country and blinding the people to the call for action and progress. The poet wishes his countrymen to wake up from the centuries or sleep of slavery. They should be up and doing. They should break the old chains and feel free to follow the path of wisdom and truth. The path of truth is beset with dangers. Only men with bold adventurous spirit can walk on it.

Tagore wants the people to be forward looking and self confident. They must not submit to their fate timidly. They should be masters and makers of their own destiny. They have been victims of unkind fate for ages. Their ship was thrown to the mercy of uncertain winds. It had been guided by a powerful hand which had no sympathy with the masses. India, feels Tagore is being treated like a puppet. Her movements are controlled by some invisible hands. The puppet like people dance to their tune as a matter of habits. These wooden figures become active is a momentary copying of life. The fact is that they are lifeless and mindless figures.

  1. Freedom from fear is the freedom, I claim for you, my Motherland!

    What sort of freedom is Tagore referring to and what is the fear?

    1. Tagore wants his countrymen to be fearful and not sacrificing
    2. Tagore wants his countrymen to be fearless and self sacrificing. They must not be afraid  of pain, suffering or even death for the noble cause of freedom.
    3. Tagore wants their countrymen to be fearful and not sacrificing
    4. Tagore wants their countrymen to be rigid and unhappy
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  2. What does the poet mean by these expressions?

    "Freedom from the burden of ages"

    1. The burden of ages refers to outdated customs and traditions, silly beliefs and superstitions and internal conflicts
    2. The burden of ages refers to modern technologies and culture
    3. The burden of ages refers to peace and happiness
    4. The burden of ages refers to only silly beliefs
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  3. What are the "Shackles"?

    1. The word shackles means iron rods
    2. The word "Shackles" means chains or fetters which make one immobile and a prisoner
    3. The word "Shackles" means Iron rods which can make any individual mobile
    4. The word "Shackles" means chains to hold the prisoners
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  4. What does the poet mean by these expressions?

    "Freedom from the shackles of slumber"

    1. Slumber refers to lack of awakening and awareness of one's rights and duties
    2. Slumber refers to lack of suppression
    3. Slumber refers to lack of restraint
    4. Slumber refers to lack of control
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  5. What kind of people can walk on the path of truth?

    1. Old fashioned people
    2. Smart and hardworking people
    3. Bold and adventurous people
    4.  Good and stylish people
    5. None of the above

    Answer (c)

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