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Reading Comprehension

Read the comprehension and answer the following question:

Vijaya Murthy has done it and this time it is with a big knock! She has hit the banner with an award from the national commission for learning Research and Training (N.C.E.R.T) for her pioneering method to get the individuality of teachers better. It all started in the year 1981, when Vijaya took over as director for the S.I.E.S organization of Pre-primary Education. She observes that in spite of scoring fine in theory, most of the trainer teachers were nowhere when it came to classroom education. She remembers how she spoke to them in class. You will be training two to ten year olds. Their concentration span is very little. To keep their curiosity in the topic or the subject active, you must let your language act aloud. Be lively in class, have fun and dance with the other kids. On the other hand much to her chagrin, many of them did not pay attention to her. There was this lady singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are,  up above the world so high", her hands barely went over her ears. Another teacher was so timid that she perspired copiously in class. Rajeshwari was in tears at her own dilemma. Lakshami had no endurance and Maria was almost deaf and dumb. These women were genuine and motivated, but they required help in an area that was further than the scope of the pre-primary tutor, training program in spite of being an important part of it. Vijaya comprehended that a huge popularity of her students were middle-class ladies. She says, they are trained from early on childhood to act like ladies. Such limitations inhibit the development of their personality. They become timid, withdrawn and drop self-confidence in them. Having pin-pointed the root reason of the students problems, Vijaya soon urbanized a set of 25 innovative, 19 workshop designed to assist them. As the students take part in arguments, singing, dancing, drama, and other activities they relate and their character begin to unfold. The teachers to study more about the student and after ending of the course the person emerge as better human beings. Lakshmi, now as an employees member says, I used to drop my anger while coaching and used to yell at my own children. After the workshop and compassion I have become responsive to the requirements of the children and have developed more liberal. Dharma who thought wariness was part of her nature, can now speak to unfamiliar person without indecision. Rajeswari has grown-up now sensitively. She had some psychological problems and frequently used to break down in tears.

Now she is certain enough to run her own day nursery school. Much before the N.CE.R.T marked her, Vijaya had conventional recognition in the learning world. She is the member of the St. Xavier's association of Education and Comprehensive College of education. She frequently is been called by the school to design and pass on refresher courses for in-service agenda for teachers. Ambitious schools demand her to conduct workshops for bring in new original techniques in teaching children. Close to Vijaya's heart are the troubles of ladies. The age bar of unification the course was 35.                                                                                                                                                                

As soon as she took over, she did away with this. Knowledgeable middle class women begin to live at 45. By this time their children are developed and pressures are negligent. To keep the doors of learning institutions blocked to them is to reject them the right to teach themselves, she muses. Though fully enfolded in her career, she does deal with to take time off for public work as president of Stree Chetna, a woman association in Chembur. They carry out different activities connected to the uplift of female. Vijaya herself makes up psychoanalysis session for harassed and depressed women. Stree Chetna as the very name connotes plans at development of woman. Women of the association make sure that they engross their sons also in housework's and give their daughters equivalent chance for teaching and job building. Vijaya's father was deputy teaching officers in the BMC and her mother an expert social worker. Visibly her education was taken very good care. An M.A. in child growth with a diploma in primary teacher's teaching; she has a cord of other qualification that she has scored high in PhD. Yet, she authentically feels it would have been impractical for her to attain anything without her husband's encouragement, though she is not free of the normal fault that working mothers wharf. An expert woman deeply concerned in her career is unusual. Any other working women can pay for to sort out her work and home. When asked about her potential plans, she says she will carry on with her research and at the same time put into practice her techniques in the field of teaching.

  1. What is the drive of Vijaya's innovative workshop?

    1. Go into the root of student's problem
    2. Create problems for student
    3. To disturb student both mentally as well as physically
    4. To exploit teachers
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  2. What does Vijaya wish to do in future?

    1. To destroy education system
    2. She intends to continue with her research work
    3. To eradicate education system
    4. To make student feel uncomfortable
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  3. With what objective is Vijaya Murthy linked with Stree Chetna?

    1. Stree Chetna carries out various activities for the upliftment of women
    2. Stree Chetna carries out various social activities
    3. Stree Chetna carries out various supports politicians
    4. Stree Chetna carries out various many organization for students
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  4. Stree Chetna, is a woman's association in -- -- -- ?

    1. California
    2. New York
    3. Delhi
    4. Chembur
    5. France

    Answer (d)

  5. Vijaya herself makes up counseling session for -- -- --?

    1. Harassed and Depressed women
    2. Happy Women
    3. Jolly Women
    4. Gentle Woman
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

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