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Reading Comprehension

Read the comprehension and answer the following question:

Each woman, whether she opts for to admit it or not, has an inborn longing to be desired. Even the staunchest of feminists wishes to be received by other women. It goes without saying that we, as we individuals, don't take pleasure in being not liked and we go to any extent to make ourselves more willingly up to standard for others. There's nothing immoral with being futile, as long as we don't get passed away with it. We only want to look beautiful and best. And people have been really trying hard to look stunning and beautiful from many centuries. For women, one of the simplest ways to get better self-confidence and self-image is one and only makeup. Are we in fact in a vain civilization? Do we actually have a more-than usual pleasure in our look? To answer that, you'd have to describe regular. And that's why makeup has such a long past. We'd like to tell you little about the history of makeup and cosmetics here. The Egyptians people were regarded as very stylish people in the world. The Egyptians were also extremely creative people. They had a skill for developing fresh formulas to resolve their skin problems. It may sound weird but it's been said that around the sixteenth to the ninth centuries BC, they had beauty products that would help them to get rid of blemishes, stretch marks, dark circles, wrinkles, scars, and also helped them to grow hairs. There are many things which they came up with were very modern, even compared to today's standards. And cosmetics were one of the important things in those days and played a very important role. Egyptians applied were eye makeup, body oils and face creams, as well as a broad collection of body sprays and fragrances. Egyptians people used blistered almonds, tarnished copper, a pair of various colored copper rust, ash, lead, and ochre. They are also known as kohl, and it looks like a dark shade powder, which was used with a little stick, above and below the eyes. That's astonishing, when you glance at the line of cosmetics products that will do those similar jobs which we find today. And today, we give the impression to require all kinds of study and improvement programs to come up with the similar thing. Possibly there's something to be said for fresh and natural beauty cosmetics after all. They also took great care of their nails. They applied henna to color them in yellow or orange. Quite a multicolored picture, isn't it? But that's precisely what they required back then something similar to today's makeup. They gave their eyes an almond shape. Then, to make their eyes more beautiful they applied the good and fancy eye makeup, they used an assortment of water and red clay to their cheeks and lips.

And the Egyptians weren't good at just putting together natural products. Some research done by the famous cosmetic brand L'Oreal, along with researcher from the Louvre in Paris, exposed that the black eye makeup applied back then had components that had to have been not naturally made, because a natural derivation couldn't be created. The study also proved that mesdemet got its creamy softness from its 10-15% oil content. That's just the similar as many of the eye beauty cosmetics products on the market which is found today. Do you think we are really modern, or just existing in the past? Way back, cosmetics products were used to improve the prettiness of the female face. And by the way, men applied them, too. Back then, all Egyptians took showered both in the river and from a basin which were found at home. They applied beauty cosmetic cleansers made from fresh vegetable or sometimes from animal fat assorted with lime powdered and fragrance - almost certainly not much dissimilar from some of the soaps bars which we apply today. Also, the atmosphere was very scorching and dry in those earlier days and the people required something special to keep their skin supple and soft. So they applied fragrant oils to guard themselves from the hot and humid type of weather. As the years passed, through assaults and relocations, cultures combined, and that had a deep outcome on the worth of cosmetics products. Keep in mind, the Egyptians held a sturdy link between their cosmetic product and their religion. However, when the much more open-minded Greeks moved in, ideas about cosmetics products changed. The real use of beauty products didn't decline at all, but their association with religion did. The Greeks applied  beauty products was chiefly very good, cosmetic product. They were still fascinated in looking beautiful.

  1. What is the suitable title for the above given comprehension?

    1. History of Makeup
    2. Uses of Makeup
    3. Makeup
    4. Benefits of makeup
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

  2. Egyptians applied beauty cosmetic cleansers made from fresh -- -- -- or sometimes from -- -- --

    1. Chemicals/ Natural components
    2. Vegetables / Animal fat
    3. Elements / Water
    4. Fruits / Vegetables
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  3. Egyptians people used blistered almonds, tarnished copper, a pair of various colored copper rust known -- -- --

    1. Black liner
    2. Blue liner
    3. Kohl
    4. Eye shadow
    5. None of the above

    Answer (c)

  4. Way back, cosmetics products were used to improve the prettiness of the female face

    1. Cuteness
    2. Prettiness
    3. Nice looks
    4. Good looks
    5. None of the above

    Answer (b)

  5. Egyptians applied fragrant oils to guard themselves from the hot and humid type of weather.

    1. Fragrant oils
    2. Baby oil
    3. Face cream
    4. Sunscreen
    5. None of the above

    Answer (a)

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