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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Teacher Relationships With Colleagues

The purpose of teacher interview questions on teacher relationships with colleagues is to further scrutinize the interpersonal skills of the candidate.

Q1. Are you a team player or do you prefer working as an individual when given responsibilities?
Answer: Besides teaching, a teacher also needs to get involved in other group activities amongst students and teachers. They are also required to work with other teachers and staff to conduct and manage certain activities in school.

Q2. What are the various extra-curricular activities that you have participated in the past? What was your contribution in the same?
Answer: As mentioned earlier, being a teacher does not just involve teaching but also involves participating and contributing in various activities in the school. Describe your previous roles in such activities. Also, emphasize the extent to which you had to interact with other teachers and staff.

Q3. What are your strengths and weaknesses when you are a part of a team?
Answer: When answering this question, think of the different contributions that you have made in the activities undertaken with colleagues in the past. Based on the same, draw your strengths and weaknesses.

Q4. Are you open to feedback from your colleagues?
Answer: One should not get offended by the feedback from co-workers or colleagues. In fact, feedback coming from colleagues or even students should be taken positively. Itís always good to learn something new and hence instead of retaliating, one should ponder upon the feedback and implement it in a similar situation.

Q5. What are your general expectations from your co-teachers and other staff members?
Answer: A co-operative and conflict free environment is what a teacher would mostly desire as working in a school requires teachers and other staff to get together often to conduct various activities for the students. Also for the students, it is very important to have a dignified set of teachers and staff members as they are immediate role models they look up to when to comes to maintaining discipline.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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