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Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions.

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Planning Skills

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on planning skills helps the hiring Principal to identify the planning and organizational skills of a teacher.

1. Do you believe in designing and following lesson plans?
Answer: For teachers, lesson plans play a very important role in achieving better class participation and it also helps tremendously in classroom management. If you are an experienced teacher then you’d know the importance of lesson plans and if you don’t try and prepare a plan for a lesson then describe the same to the interviewer.

2. What are the different points you consider when preparing a lesson plan?
Answer: You can express your views saying “When preparing a lesson plan, many points should be considered such as the level of thinking and grasping ability of the students, the way in which you could simply certain points for the students for easy understanding, the activities to carry out during the lessons to achieve healthy class participation etc”.

3. If you teach two different subjects would your lesson plans vary with the subject or would it remain the same for both?
Answer: A good way of answering this would be “The lesson plans will always change with the subject. To expect English lesson plans to work for Science class is quite inappropriate. This is because the contents of the subjects are very different from each other. For a subject like Science, the teacher needs to have a more practical approach whereas for a subject like English such an approach is not necessarily required”. You can change the subjects as per your requirements.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate yourself in organizational skills?
Answer: A teacher’s profession requires exemplary organizational skills. Lack of it can impact negatively on their quality of teaching and in turn would also do harm to students learning. Being organized may not be an in-built trait but one can work to improve their organizational skills. So, if you think you are currently not as organized as you are expected as a teacher, tell the interviewer with conviction about the ways in which you plan to improve your organizational skills.

5. According to your understanding and experience, do you think lesson plans should vary as per the grade also as you think it should in the case of subjects?
Answer: The level of understanding, thinking and grasping ability varies with age and grade. Because of such reasons and many others, the lesson plans would most definitely change with the change in grade.

6. Your subject is English. So tell us about your ideal lesson plan for students in Grade 5 for the same.
Answer: It’s always easier to explain if you are asked to come down to specifications. The reason being, if you are thorough with your work and your style of work, you should not have trouble in describing your ideal lesson plan or anything similar. Your lesson plans may not differ from another teacher but the ideas and reasoning behind your plan would be different from the other teacher. So, you cannot be compared on the basis of how elaborate you are with the plan, but what do you intend to achieve with it and if the plan helps in achieving the same.

7. On what basis do you give homework to your students and how much is the quantity?
Answer: Depending on the grade, the amount of homework and the pattern of it would differ. An eighth grade student might be asked to self study on a certain topic and write an essay on the same. However, for a fifth or a sixth grader, homework would be much simpler than in the case of the former student. Besides covering the syllabus, you may have different reasons for giving homework to your students. Tell the interviewers about the same and also about what you aim to achieve out of it.

8. Besides the daily lesson plans, do you also prepare short-term and long-term plans to finish your syllabus by the end of the term or do you rely upon your daily lesson plans?
Answer: Daily lesson plans may fail sometimes due to various unforeseen reasons and you may have to catch up with it later. Hence, daily plans should not be relied upon to achieve short-term plans. Of course, it goes hand-in-hand but teachers should also have separate short-term and long-term plans to achieve what they desire to.

9. How do you help your students to meet their deadlines on homework, projects etc.?
Answer: Teachers should not simply focus on completing their syllabus but they should also hold themselves responsible for students and try their best to support them in meeting their deadlines as well as enhance their learning ability. Giving tips on how to complete homework on time and providing ideas on the ways to do projects could be very useful for students.

10. How do you meet your deadlines? Can you tell us about any instance when you could not complete your task or work on time and the strategies you used that helped you finish your work on time?
Answer: One of the biggest fears of any teacher is to finish the syllabus on time. Many a times, due to various reasons it becomes difficult to finish it on time. It happens with almost all teachers and one must come up with ideas to cover up the portion missed or are lagging behind. Narrate such an incidence to the interviewer and the different steps you took to ensure it was done on time without compromising with the quality of teaching.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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