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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Knowledge Of Content/Materials

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on knowledge of content/materials are of utmost importance as knowledge is what teachers impart to students.

1. What is your favorite subject and why? (If your current content area is different than your favorite or if you have applied for others as well, then the interviewer may ask you the reason for change)

Answer: Name your favorite subject and the reason why. And if you intend to change your content , then answer confidently with valid and convincing reasons.

2. What do you have to say about the content in the textbooks? Do you think it is relevant to the child’s age and is it vast for him/ her to cope up with?
Answer: Usually the curriculum is designed according to the grade level. Hence, you should emphasize that it is not the curriculum that is vast but it is due to teacher’s inability to manage the class as well as stay up to date with the completion of the portion.

3. If are given an opportunity to be a part of the curriculum development team, what are some of the initiatives you’d like to take?
Answer: Many teachers would be glad to get such an opportunity. Based on your logical reasoning and the requirements of the students suggest some of the changes you’d like to make in the syllabus.

4. Do you update yourself with the developments in your area?
Answer: Being a teacher it is a good practice to update oneself with the current changes and developments in the relevant content area or subject. Not only does it help in increasing your knowledge on the subject but it also helps your students as you most probably would also share it with your students in class. Sharing such nits and bits could also assist you in better class participation.

5. What kind of tests do you normally give to students?
Answer: A test is nothing but an assessment for students to check on their understanding and knowledge about the subject. However, children who are not that good in studies should be given other tests to improve their learning and grasping abilities. In your previous experience, if you have prepared tests to check other skills of the students, explain them to the interviewer.

6. Have you also held tests to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your students? Was it effective?
Answer: Tests to check on student’s strengths and weaknesses should always help in their development. Hence, if you have prepared such tests then explain how did they help you and the students in their performance.

7. Do you use any extra teaching material in your class than the ones that are available and sin use, including books?
Answer: Many a times besides the regular book of studies, teachers do carry extra books, models, etc to make the class more interesting, so that the students also get something new to learn or learn something in a new way. Highlight the instances when you used extra materials to make the class more interesting and also explain how it helped the students.

8. What are the significant changes you expect to see in the curriculum in future?
Answer: Every teacher has an opinion on this and so would you. Name some of the crucial changes you expect and also support it with a reason as to why do you feel such a change is necessary.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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