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Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Classroom Management

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on classroom management are asked to assess one of the most essential prerequisite in teaching profession.

1. Are all the students actively involved when you are taking a lesson?
Answer: This is the most important question that you are you tested upon in the interview. Although challenging, a teacher must be able to get all the students involved during a lesson. If your answer is in affirmative then you probably have hit the nail. Answering in a yes is not enough though. Describe as to how are they involved in the class and what keeps them from distracting in class.

2. What are some of your effective classroom management strategies or styles?
Answer: The answer to the first question would be your answer to this as well. Name and elaborate the different strategies used and how have they been successful in resulting in active involvement of students.

3. Do you get full class participation by following your methods of classroom management?
Answer: Ideally the answer should be positive but if you think that you have not been always successful in getting 100 percent class participation then do say the truth. However, remember not to start your answer with a no as it implies negativity and lack of belief in oneself. Tell the interviewer that you have been working on the methods and have already initiated some ideas that have shown considerably good results.

4. Can you please tell us something about the learning activities that you often conduct in your class and do they prove to be useful to all the students?
Answer: Some of the popular and effective strategies of class management include 'all write', 'pair up' etc. Similarly, you may be following one of these or others. If you have your own method, before the interview try to give a name to it so that it becomes easy for you to convey it to the interviewer.

5. How do you maintain balance between assertiveness and friendliness with your students?
Answer: To be successful in effective class management, a teacher needs to be assertive as well as friendly. Teachers need to ensure that they are heard and well understood. Many a times it gets difficult to get all the students on the same page. With some, being assertive may work and for some, a friendly approach may be enough.

6. Does your classroom management style become monotonous to students after a while or do they remain equally involved in class as they used to before?
Answer: There's no guarantee that your classroom management strategy works every time. There will always be instances that suggest you that you should probably adapt a different style. This may have happened to you as well. So explain to the interviewer the different steps to get rid of the monotony or boredom amongst the students.

7. What would your typical classroom look like to a person who walks into your class? Please describe a typical pattern in your class?
Answer: It totally depends on your teaching and classroom management style. Do not describe something that's not entirely true only to make it sound interesting. But if it is something interesting that happens in your class then it will definitely impress the interviewer.

8. Do you give enough attention to all the students in class or do you prefer involving only selected students to be involved with the class activities?
Answer: Many teachers have their favorite set of students. It need not mean that they are biased towards them; in fact it may mean that those are the only selective ones who always want to participate. For students who do not participate enough in class, the teacher must come up with ideas to involve such students as well. This would increase your class participation. Every class has different students. So, depending on your prior experience narrate such an instance along with the steps you took to ensure better class participation.

9. You must have come across times when students misbehave in class. How do you manage inappropriate behavior by students?
Answer: Its not every time, when students have a fight, you need to take them to the Principal or punish them hard. A simple talk with them is also sufficient most of times. You could say something similar or in the same lines.

10. What is that one common classroom management technique that you would suggest to all your fellow teachers to adapt and one that you'd want them to discard?
Answer: You could say that pairing up the students and encouraging group activities is something that all teachers should adapt as it always works well for effective classroom management. And also that shouting and yelling over a whisper could be discarded as it is completely unnecessary. You may have many such suggestions and opinions of your own. Take the chance to speak your mind when given an opportunity.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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