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Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Classroom Discipline

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on classroom discipline is probably one of the very important kind of questions as maintaining discipline is imperative in any institution.

1. What is the most undisciplined case you had to confront in your career? How did you handle it?
Answer: Being in the profession of teaching confronts you with many situations where you witness indiscipline amongst the students. Narrate an instance and your action in response to the same.

2. What is your approach towards the students who like to pick on others? How do you teach them a lesson so that the behavior is not repeated?
Answer: A class consists of different students; some may be polite, obedient and sincere, while some maybe mischievous. Teachers need tact to bring such students to order. Explain the interviewers as to how do you handle such students.

3. What are the ground rules set for the students during your class? If they are not abided, how do you go about ensuring that it is followed by all?
Answer: Again, the approach of handling such situations mainly depends on the individual personality of the teacher. But then, teachers also are required to follow rules established by the school / university. Hence, if you have never experienced an improper behavior in the past, keep the points stated in this answer in perspective and think of how you would have reacted and acted upon it.

4. What are the different ways in which you handle disciplinary issues? Do you believe in punishing the student? If yes, how do you punish and what is the severity of it?
Answer: While some teachers prefer being a little harsh on the students for their wrong behavior, some prefer being soft and they believe that simply talking would solve the problem. That is what is recommended. However, there may be difference of opinion or there may be an argument that it depends on the kind of student. Tell the interviewers of what you did when you were encountered with such an issue.

5. What would your plan of action be for a student who consistently walks in late for your class?
Answer: This again depends on your approach towards such acts. To check why the student is late everyday would be the first step. Depending on whether it’s due to a genuine problem or it’s deliberate; depends on your plan of action.

6. How much would you rate yourself in organizational and managerial skills on a scale of 1-10?
Answer: These are personal attributes and as you would know yourself better, rate yourself honestly or else they can figure it out with the kind of answers you give.

7. How would you deal with a student who uses offensive or inappropriate in class? Would you react instantly in front of the whole class or would you wait for the right moment to take an action?
Answer: Losing your temper in front of the other students would not be an appropriate way to deal with such an unpleasant situation. It is better if you let it be for some time and then take the student to the principal or do what you think would help in stopping such a behavior next time.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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