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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Technology/Computer Skills

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on technology/computer skills are asked to test the candidatesí proficiency in computers as technology plays an important role in todayís world.

1. Can you please elaborate a little on your computer skills?
Answer: Mention your areas of proficiency in computers and also the little knowledge that you may have about other computer applications.

2. Do you think itís fair to use modern aids such as technology in teaching as opposed to the old teaching methods?
Answer: A mix of both old and new methods of teaching would be ideal for the student. As technology plays an important role in every field, it is important that a student is well versed with it and its uses. Tell the interviewer about your take on the same and how technology can improve the age-old teaching techniques.

3. Do you prefer the use of technology in your class?
Answer: Give your answer supported by a reason as to why.

4. In your teaching career, what are the different softwares you had to work with? Which one did you find more apt and for teaching and why?
Answer: Every school may use different applications and softwares to match up with their requirements. Elaborate a little on the one that was most efficient and student-friendly.

5. Do you encourage your students for computer based activities and how do you guide them through it?
Answer: Children are more inclined towards technology and teachers are also aware of the amount of knowledge that a student can acquire with the use of it. Hence, naturally students love to carry out computer based activities. Mention the same first and then explain as to how do you guide them through such activities.

6. What do you have to say about the use of internet in schools? And as students may not use it wisely, what are the different methods you could suggest to monitor the use of it?
Answer: Many schools do allow the use of internet in school these days. There is possibility that the school that you are interviewing for also allows the use of internet. Share your ideas on the monitoring system for the same.

7. If you are to choose between classroom teaching and e-learning, what would you prefer and why?
Answer: Both the options have its advantages and disadvantages. You being a teacher would most probably find classroom teaching as a better option amongst the two. However, itís not necessary. Whatever your answer is, support it with a good reason.

8. In your teaching career have you ever observed if integrating technology in classrooms gathers more attention of the students than otherwise?
Answer: Iím sure all the teachers who got an opportunity to integrate technology in classrooms have observed this, at least for once if not more. Share your experience with the panel of interviewers.

9. Do you often use internet to gather information that could be used in your classes?
Answer: Internet is a great source of knowledge and information and therefore many tend to make use of the internet as and when they can. Many reliable educational websites are available for the same. Talk about how frequently you take assistance from the internet.

10. Are you a part of any teachers forum where you and your associates discuss about the ways to improve the teaching styles and ways to tackle difficult students on the basis of the extensive experience they may have in their career?
Answer: As internet is widely recognized for communication, individuals belonging to different work culture or different streams come together to discuss and share their experiences. This could also include teachers. If you are a part of one then tell the interviewers about the topics of discussion and the ways in which such discussions help a teacher.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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