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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Instructional Skills

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on instructional skills involve a set of questions that help determine the interviewers the standard or level of individuals in terms of their instructional skills.

1. Do you believe in following the conventional methods of teaching or do you believe in introducing new methods to keep up with the changing times?
Answer: There may be very few teachers who prefer working with the conventional methods but that of course is my personal opinion. You are a teacher and you have your own thoughts about the same. So give an honest answer as to what you believe in and a reason to back up the same.

2. How do you ensure that a persistent student also does what you expect him / her to do as the rest of the class?
Answer: As a teacher, there must be some techniques that you follow to persuade or convince adamant students to get done what they need to. State them and also emphasize on how it has helped to get the desired result.

3. What are the different methods that you have used in the past to encourage team work amongst your students? Have your students been receptive of the same?
Answer: Convincing a group of people to work together has its own ways. Explain the interviewer on how do you help them understand the need to work as a team and how do your students respond in return.

4. Are you open to improvising your methods even when a student approaches with an idea or a suggestion?
Answer: This is basically to test if you are receptive to suggestions from others. This could help them understand more about you as a person or your nature.

5. Have you had difficulty in teaching some complex lessons? If you have, then how did you get past them and made it easy for the students to understand?
Answer: Many a times, not all the lessons that you teach are easy enough to explain or easy to put across to the students. So explain in brief how you have faced such situations and also how did your methods prove to be successful.

6. Some students do have special needs as their learning ability vary as compared to the rest of the class. So how do you ensure that such students are at par with the whole class?
Answer: This is an issue that every teacher may have experienced in his / her career. Iím sure even you did, so state an instance and also the ways in which you helped such students.

7. What is your take on dealing with students who lack motivation?
Answer: Motivate them would be the obvious answer! Of course but how do you do it and is it effective enough? Thatís what they need to know.

8. As a teacher youíd obviously want all your students to pass their tests. But do you really worry when a student does not clear? Does it bother you at all or do you think you have done your job so thereís no reason you should?
Answer: Teaching is not like an office job where you finish your given work and you are done for the day. It is much more than that. Through teaching you are nurturing and empowering the kids and leading them towards their future. One must take the onus of their drawbacks. You donít have to blame yourself if a student has flunked in the test but analyze the factors that lead to such a result and better ways to help the kid clear the exams in future. If you have been taking responsibility of your studentís success in class then you know what it means. If you have not been then start to and tell the interviewer that you will henceforth.

9. One of the major concerns of a teacher is that a vast curriculum is difficult to cover by the end of the term. What do you have to say on that?
Answer: Give the answer in a positive manner. Wisdom is to put your opinion in a polite manner in front of the panel instead of taking a strong stand on it as it certainly is an issue that concerns all you teachers.

10. Have you invented or worked upon certain techniques to teach or are the teaching styles that come to you naturally or follow are accepted well by the students?
Answer: For some their teaching style works so they stick to it and some prefer to change their techniques and bring in new ideas to make the class more interesting and informative. Mention what you prefer supported with a valid reason.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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