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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Miscellaneous Questions

Teacher interview miscellaneous questions as the name suggests consists of the extra questions that the interviewer may ask.

1. Do you think teaching in a new school will pose new challenges for you?
Answer: To acclimatize to a new environment could be a little difficult, if not challenging but many also consider joining a new place as an exciting phase of their career. Your answer would mostly depend on whichever category you belong to. Categorizing it could be one of the ways. You may have a different perspective so you could explain it to the interviewer accordingly.

2. What are your thoughts on the accountability of teachers these days?
Answer: Many of the teachers these days prefer not to be held accountable for the studentís performance if they think they have their bit of the job. This perspective needs to change and a teacher needs to show better involvement in the development of the childís intellect. This could be one of the ways to answer as this was just a basic example. However, your answer may be completely different depending on your observations on teaching.

3. Are you open to teaching a different grade level that has never been assigned to you in the past or a new subject that you have specialized in but do not have an experience of?
Answer: As a teacher, this is great opportunity to explore the teaching skills and therefore should embrace such an opportunity with grace. One should always be open to such a change in his/her career. Of course a new role or stepping into something new is always challenging but thatís how one grows in any profession.

4. If you were given an opportunity to be in the education sector performing a different role that does not involve teaching, would you take up that role or would you continue with teaching?
Answer: Teaching as they say is a passion and especially one who has not gained enough experience as a teacher would not want to move into another role until they experience all the joys of being a teacher. Someone who has a lot of experience in teaching may think of a change but otherwise itís quite unlikely that anyone would opt for anything else other than teaching.

5. What is the grade level that you prefer to work with?
Answer: Although a teacher should be open to working with any grade level, he/she may have a preference. While some may like to work with small children, some may prefer children in higher grades for various reasons. Itís totally subjective as to what grade level a teacher prefers.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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