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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On a Potpourri Of Topics And Background Information

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on a potpourri of topics and background information involves nothing but random questions that may not be necessarily pertaining to teaching attributes.

1. How would you describe yourself as a person?
Answer: This is a self-assessment question that helps the interviewer determine if you understand yourself. In a profession where interpersonal skills play a very important role, self-assessment could become a habit. If you are constantly keeping a check on yourself then you’d be in a better position to answer this question. Nevertheless, everyone knows how they are a person. So answer confidently to this straight forward question. If you display any sign of hesitance or “I don’t knows”, it suggests that you are unsure of yourself and how can a person who does not understand himself / herself will understand others? That’s the question. Think about it!

2. Do you update yourself with the new career options available for students who intend to pursue your specialization or subject?
Answer: This question helps in determining whether or not you update yourself with the recent developments in the relevant field.

3. What interested you to join our school?
Answer: This is to check if you have done enough research about the school before going for the interview. Tell the interviewer about the interesting factors in the school that inclined you to give it a shot in this school.

4. Can you tell us about your past experience please?
Answer: When you are asked to give a brief on your prior experience, don’t forget to reflect upon the student teaching internship program that you may have joined before being a full-time teacher. This is very important as everyone in the teaching profession knows how much one gets to learn in a student teaching intern program and how it provides a firm base to the teaching career of a person. Talk about the various responsibilities that you took in the past besides teaching and also other roles you played in the schools that you worked with.

5. Have you come across any interesting blog or article relating to the profession of teaching?
Answer: Teachers often are a part of forums and discussion boards where they discuss their teaching methods and instructional techniques. Many teachers also write articles and blogs on their teaching experience, the challenges they face with the students etc. Besides casual writing, teachers also have professional journals where they address various issues with regards to teaching. If you do not participate in such activities, ensure that you prepare yourself for it in advance through adequate so that you have a couple of interesting write-ups or articles that you could talk about.

6. Tell us a little about your hobbies and interests?
Answer: No external assistance is required to answer such a question. As this is a personal question you would know it best.

7. Do you have anyone in the family with a teaching background or who is associated with education?
Answer: Many a times it so happens that the family background of a person plays a role in choosing the career. It could possibly influence the choice of career of a person. If you have had anyone in the family who has influenced your decision of choosing teaching as your profession then do elaborate on that.

8. Describe one of the most unpleasant and one of the most rewarding experiences as teacher?
Answer: Teaching is a profession where you constantly interact with a wide range of people. So obviously there may have been some instances that were extremely pleasing and some that you wished never had happened. Many of these experiences could be associated with students. Narrate it to the interviewer and also state what your takeaway from each of the experience was.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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