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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Personal Qualities

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on personal qualities help determine the interest of the candidate in teaching.

1. What brought you to teaching? Why did you choose to teach instead of going for any other well paying professions?
Answer: Teaching is not just a profession for many, its passion! If you are someone who has passion to teach then you know very well know why you chose this profession. Teaching indeed is a very respectable profession and many get drawn to it for the very same reason. When you answer, be sure of what you're saying, any reluctance or hesitation on your part may suggest uncertainty of professional goals and career.

2. Do you think you are a good teacher?
Answer: You could say “I have not had much experience in teaching but from the response that I get from my students, I think I do a pretty good job as a teacher. I don't just mean that they perform well in my class and my tests but they find me very co-operative as a teacher and that's what is more rewarding to me. That was just an example. You could articulate it better; also if you ever had a personal experience where a student walked up to you only to appreciate you, you could narrate it to the interviewer.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses, not particularly as a teacher but as a person?
Answer: This is quite a direct question. So talk about some of your strengths and weaknesses and when you talk about weaknesses, also suggest some of the ways in which you are trying to overcome them.

4. Can you please tell us about your favorite teacher in school and why was she/he your favorite?
Answer: Many of us idolize our teachers from schools or colleges for different reasons. Some inspire us to do better, some have a very different teaching style that makes even a boring topic interesting, some are very sweet and understanding or some have a great influence on our personality and the list could go on. Please remember not to go on with the endless list in the interview. With the name of the teacher, talk about a couple of qualities that really drew your attention.

5. What is your long-term goal?
Answer: Discuss your long-term goals with the interviewer. With this question, the interviewer wants to determine if you are open to self improvement and advancement in the teaching field. Do prepare well for this question as it depicts your seriousness towards your profession.

6. What are the different qualities that you seek in the Principal of a school?
Answer: In every profession, a superior is expected to have certain qualities and teaching profession is no different. As the Principal of a school, you would expect someone who is a visionary, who is open to positive ideas and plans to improve the standards of the school and students respectively. A Principal should be a person who often communicates with the students to understand how they are doing and also to understand their needs.

7. What is that one quality that you think makes teaching different than other professions?
Answer: Teaching is unlike other professions where there is a lot of competition, healthy and unhealthy. The performance of the teacher does matter but for a teacher, what is more rewarding is a child’s intellectual growth and development and imparting good values in them than simply looking for personal growth. The main goal of a teacher is to look after the students and to prepare them to step outside in the world with all the knowledge, confidence and skills that will help them succeed in a highly competitive world.

8. How would you like to improve yourself as teacher?
Answer: Allowing room for improvement suggests that you are always willing to learn. There may be areas where you think you are not so good at. Mention the same to the interviewer and also the ways in which you think you can improve yourself in those areas.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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