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Teacher Interview Sample Questions

Teacher Interview Sample Questions On Instructional Techniques

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on instructional techniques are asked to test the ability of the candidate in conveying the information or imparting knowledge to the students in the most effective way.

1. Do you have one instructional technique that you always rely upon if nothing works?
Answer: To maintain order in class and for better class management, teachers prefer to have one technique that they can always rely upon in case the drafted lesson plan fails or does not work as effectively as planned. A technique that requires the whole class to participate often works well. Similarly, if you have a technique that always saves you then mention it supported with the reason why.

2. What are some of the common instructional techniques that you use?
Answer: There may be many techniques but the most effective is the one which enables the students to comprehend the lesson as clearly as possible. The effectiveness of each technique varies with the type of lesson. Therefore, when naming the different techniques; also give the type of lessons or the subjects that it could be used for.

3. Every class has children with different learning abilities. How do you manage to get everyone on the same page?
Answer: One form of instruction may not work all the time, especially for lessons that could be difficult to understand for children of a particular age. In such cases, a teacher must try to figure out a simplest possible way to make it easier for the student. Another important point that could help a teacher immensely is to know about the individualís strengths and weaknesses. If you personally know your student, you would have a better idea on how to relate to that studentís level of understanding.

4. Do your students respond well to your teaching style or your instructional technique? If you donít see a positive result or if you notice that your planned technique is ineffective, do you come up with an impromptu technique?
Answer: It is the teacherís responsibility to ensure that all the instructional techniques that he / she adapts in order to run the class successfully is most effective in imparting the knowledge to the students. If the teacher does not get the desirable result, then he / she must come up with an impromptu technique that could fetch better results.

5. What are the different methods by which you ensure that your instructional techniques are effective?
Answer: There are different ways to assess if an instructional technique was successful or not. For e.g. questioning in between the lessons and conducting casual oral tests after the lesson could help you understand whether your instructional technique has failed or delivered what you expected.

6. What are the different techniques you work with to ensure full class participation?
Answer: Group activities usually result in full class participation. So you could name some of the group activities that you usually use in class, supported with a reason as to how they help to achieve full class participation.

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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