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Teacher Interview Qestions On Teacher Relationships With Parents

Teacher Interview Sample Questions on teacher relationships with parents are as crucial as the relationships with the students. It is always recommended to prepare for such questions before an interview.

1. Do you think parent-teacher relationships are important? If yes, why do you think it is vital?
Answer: Parent-teacher relationships are indeed very important. The reason why it’s so important is because it plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the child. There may be concerns a parent and teacher may have and each of their concern may not be recognized by the other unless they hold a meeting together or conduct what’s called a parent-teacher interview.

2. Do you think maintaining good parent-teacher relationship makes any difference to the child? As in, do you think that the concerns or complaints of either party can be resolved with a healthy parent-teacher relationship?
Answer: A child may seem unhappy, distracted, lonely or inattentive in class due to many reasons. To figure out the reasons the teachers must take the initiative to speak his / her parents as such behavior of the child may do harm to his/ her performance and the overall development.

3. Do you wait for a special occasion to share your concerns about an unhappy child with the parents or do you ensure that you meet them at the earliest to understand what’s going on with the child?
Answer: It is not unusual to find that parent-teacher meetings are held in all schools. However, teachers must not wait for the given date to meet the parents if something about the child requires immediate attention. Hence, it is important that the teachers do not neglect a child’s behavior till the parent-teacher meeting date arrives.

4. How do you communicate your various concerns about the student to his / her parents?
Answer: With this question the interviewer wants to check how you build relationships with parents. It’s easy for anyone to point out mistakes and concerns about a child but to say it upfront to the parents is quite inappropriate. We are talking about parents and their children here and therefore, it is sensitive issue and should be dealt with in a soft way. Being critical about it could be one way that many may follow but it certainly is not the right way to go about it. Share and discuss your concerns about the child. Discuss further about the reasons behind the problem and the steps that could be taken to help the child.

5. In your previous experience, what are the different reasons for which you contacted the parents?
Answer: As mentioned earlier, there may be many reasons why a teacher may wish to speak with the parents. It totally depends on the teacher to decide what’s not so important and what must be shared and discussed with the parents.

6. In parent-teacher meetings, do you often emphasize on parent involvement?
Answer: In most families both parents require to work to maintain a good lifestyle and to ensure financial security. Because of this, not intentionally; but parents do tend to neglect their children. Whether the child is eating well and going to school regularly must not be the only concern of a parent. There are many emotional and behavioral changes that parents need to address. Teachers must take some stance in making the parents realize the same. In every parent-teacher meeting, a teacher must ask the parents of their involvement in their child’s studies, sports or other activities and also try to gage how much quality time they spend with the child.

7. On an average how much time do you take to give feedback to the parents about their children?
Answer: You could say “The time I allot to each feedback is totally subjective. This is because every student is different, right from their performance to their behavior and involvement/participation in class. For e.g. to the parents of a student who does well in studies as well as extracurricular activities can only be given positive feedback. To the parents of a student who is not performing well in studies will be given constructive feedback. This would also involve discussing about his / her behavioral changes in class, lack of attention etc.”

8. What are your thoughts on handling difficult parents? How would you handle such parents personally?
Answer: It is important for a teacher to stay calm and be polite no matter how difficult the parents be. Please note that it does not mean that one must put up with the inappropriate behavior. Teaching is a respectable position and if the parents don’t take the teachers feedback positively it would only do bad to their child. To the question where you are asked how would personally handle such parents, you could say something like “I would try to make these parents understand how important it is to take the feedback positively and how it may hamper the performance of the child if they do not consider it.”

Sample Teacher Interview Sample Questions

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