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Sample Survey Questions : Program or Event Questions

We have provided some sample survey program or event questions. A reader can refer to these questions and frame some for his / her own purpose. One can also frame different types of

organizational questions, by referring to these.

  1. How long ago did you make plans to visit our organization?

    1. ____Months ago
    2. ____Weeks ago
    3. ____In the last few days

  2. Where did you hear about tonight’s show?

    1. ____Friends
    2. ____Posters
    3. ____Flyers/brochures
    4. ____Newspaper
    5. ____Website
    6. ____Radio ads
    7. ____TV ads
    8. ____Events calendars

  3. Did you feel the ticket price of $10.00 for tonight’s event was:

    1. ____too low
    2. ____reasonable
    3. ____too high

  4. Would you have paid $15.00?

    1. ____Yes
    2. ____No

  5. Would you have paid $20.00?

    1. ____Yes
    2. ____No

  6. How do you feel about tonight’s event?

    1. ____Delighted
    2. ____Satisfied
    3. ____Mixed
    4. ____Disappointed

    You can also find some more background questions to the event hosted below.

  7. What did you do while you were at the museum today? (Check all that apply)

    1. ____a. Saw a particular exhibition. Which one (specify)_________________________________
    2. ____b. Attended a particular program. Which one (specify)______________________________
    3. ____c. Visited the entire museum
    4. ____d. Visited the cafe or restaurant
    5. ____e. Conducted research/did a school assignment
    6. ____f Visited the museum shop
    7. ____g. Other (specify)__________________________

  8. Did you use an interpretive aid today?

    1. ____Yes
    2. ____No

  9. If not, then why?

    1. ____Didn't know they existed
    2. ____Not comfortable using technology
    3. ____Rental cost was too high
    4. ____Audiotapes required a specific route
    5. ____Other

We have attempted to provide you different types of sample survey program or event questions. Keep reading to find different types of sample demographic questions as well.

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