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Sample Survey Questions : Organisational Questions

Organisational Questions

Given below are some sample survey organizational questions as a reference for the visitor. These questions will also guide you frame some profiling or background questions for your organization or answer some.

  1. What three words would you use to describe this organization to a friend?

    1. 1. __________________________________
    2. 2. __________________________________
    3. 3. __________________________________

  2. Is this your first visit to our organization?

    1. ____Yes
    2. ____No

  3. If no, how many times do you usually visit each year?

    1. ____Less than once a year
    2. ____2 or 3 times
    3. ____4 or 5 times
    4. ____More than 5 times

  4. Would you recommend our organization to a friend or relative?

    1. ____Yes
    2. ____No

  5. Are you a member?

      ____Yes ____No ____In the past, but not now

  6. Have you ever visited our organization for any of the following activities? (Check all that apply)

    1. ____A special event
    2. ____A concert
    3. ____A guided tour
    4. ____A family program
    5. ____A lecture
    6. ____A studio class
    7. ____Our gift shop
    8. ____A film
    9. ____Restaurant or cafe
    10. Other (specify) __________________________________________________________

    Questions given below will help you frame some program or event questions for your organization.

  7. What motivated you to visit our museum today? (Please select three choices in rank order. A ranking of "1" indicates your first choice, "2" your second choice, and "3" your third choice.)

    1. ____See a particular exhibition. Which one (specify)______________________________
    2. ____Attend a particular program. Which one (specify)_____________________________
    3. ____Visit the entire museum
    4. ____Visit the museum shop
    5. ____Visit the cafe/restaurant
    6. ____Take advantage of a free admission day
    7. ____Enjoy a spiritual experience
    8. ____Conduct research/do a school assignment
    9. ____Spend time with friends
    10. ____Spend time with family
    11. ____Entertain out-of-town visitors
    12. ____Enjoyed a past visit
    13. ____Other (specify)____________

  8. What would encourage you to come back to this museum? (For example, a family day, extended hours, discount, etc.)

  9. Did anything interfere with your ability to enjoy your visit today?

    1. ____Yes
    2. ____No

We hope that our sample survey questions have helped you frame some feedback or profiling questions that would help make your organization better.

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