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Background Questions

Here we will discuss some important Background Questions to help you frame them for bulding goof customer relationship. It is also very important for you to know that Organizational Questions and Demographic Questions are entirely two different things and they differ from the background questions as well.

  1. Gender:

    1. ____female
    2. ____male

  2. U.S. ethnic code:

    1. ____White (Non Hispanic)
    2. ____Cambodian, Laotian, or Vietnamese whose family immigrated after 1975
    3. ____Other Asian or Pacific Islander
    4. ____American Indian or Alaskan Native
    5. ____Hispanic/Latin American
    6. ____Black/African-American

  3. College rank:

    1. ___freshman
    2. ___sophomore
    3. ___junior
    4. ___senior
    5. ___special
    6. ___graduate

  4. Which of the following science courses have you completed in high school or college (check all that apply):

    1. ____biology
    2. ____chemistry
    3. ____physics

  5. Which of the following math courses have you completed in high school or college (check all that apply):

    1. ____basic math
    2. ____algebra
    3. ____geometry
    4. ____pre-calculus/trigonometry
    5. ____calculus

  6. How many hours per week will you be working at a paid job this semester?

    1. ____none
    2. ____1-5
    3. ____6-10
    4. ____11-15
    5. ____16-20
    6. ____21-30
    7. ____31-40

  7. Do you expect to have child care responsibilities this semester that will sometimes conflict with classes?

    1. ____yes
    2. ____no

As we know we have studied about Demographic Questions. Here we have also attempted to help you frame some Profiling Questions for your organization.

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