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Education comes not from books but from practical experience.


The statement means that at times practical experience can be a better method of education than pure classroom work.

The use of books to present abstract ideas is one kind of education that is better to learn from books than practical experience. Take math, for instance. Math concepts are best learned from books rather than practical experience. Also, history is best learned in the classroom since a person can't physically go back in time and watch a war.

Certain professions are learned on the job, like carpentry and plumbing. Practical experience is the primary method of education. It is the same way for surgery. You wouldn't want someone to take out your appendix unless they had practiced this procedure many times on someone else.

In certain circumstances, books and practical experience go hand in hand so that students can learn from both. Mostly this is also true in medical school. You read books about anatomy and learn where the organs are located. This is very helpful. Then you dissect dead bodies and get the practical experience of seeing where the organs are in the body. Only then are you ready to perform surgery.


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