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Sample Essay Questions

  1. Identify and discuss a significant problem facing your generation.
  2. What have you read that has had a special significance for you? Explain why.

  3. Describe a person or experience of particular importance to you.
  4. Please describe the reasons that influenced you in selecting your intended major field of study.
  5. If you could travel through time and interview a prominent figure in the arts, politics, religion, or science, for example, whom would you choose and why?
  6. Describe your experience in living in a racially, culturally, or ethnically diverse environment; what do you expect to need to know to live successfully in the multi-cultural society of the future?
  7. Make up a question, state it clearly, and answer it. Feel free to use your imagination, recognizing that those who read it will not mind being entertained.
  8. Please use the space provided to indicate what you consider your best qualities to be, and describe how your college education will be of assistance to you in sharing these qualities and your accomplishments with others.
  9. Discuss the history of the discovery of cells. Include in your essay the cell theory and the scientists whose work contributed to it.
  10. Choose one animate (living) object and one inanimate (not living) object and for each explain how it satisfies or does not satisfy the conditions for life. Give concrete examples.
    Conditions for life:
    living things are organized
    living things reproduce
    living things grow
    living things respond to changes in their surroundings
    living things keep their internal environment unchanged
  11. Homeostasis is the process by which organisms keep their internal environment the same. For instance, sweating is one such process that keeps the temperature of our bodies at a constant 98.6 degrees Farenheit. Based on your knowledge of enzymes, why is it important that living organisms maintain "homeostasis"?
  12. Using your knowledge of chemical reactions, explain how acids can neutralize the effects of bases and vice versa. How is this similar to dehydration synthesis? Give examples.
  13. While preparing a lab I've just placed a single drop of red food coloring at one end of a beaker of water. Explain why in a few moments all of the water will appear red. Use the terms diffusion, concentration, and gradient in your essay.
  14. Explain the differences between a covalent bond and an ionic bond, and give an example of each.
  15. Explain why an enzyme is a catalyst of a reaction and not just a reactant. Select two types of chemicals that affect enzyme activity and explain how they do this. (Do not be as vague as acids and bases.)

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