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Sample Citizenship Questions

  1. What is the United States Capitol?

    Answer :The United States Capitol is the place where Congress meets.

  2. What is it called if the President refuses to sign a bill into law and returns it to Congress with his objections?

    Answer :Veto

  3. What two oceans border the United States?

    Answer :The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

  4. What famous American invented the electric light bulb?

    Answer :Thomas Edison

  5. What major river running North to South divides the United States?

    Answer :The Mississippi River

  6. Congress is divided into two parts. What do we call those two parts?

    Answer :The House of Representatives and the Senate.

  7. How do we determine the number of representatives that each state elects to go to the House of Representatives?

    Answer :The number is determined by the population of each state.

  8. Who is Sandra Day O'Connor?

    Answer :Sandra Day O'Connor is the first woman judge on the U.S. Supreme Court.

  9. Who was Christopher Columbus?

    Answer :Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

  10. What were the Articles of Confederation?

    Answer :The Articles of Confederation was the first attempt to form a simple government for the colonies.

  11. How long is the term of office for a judge on the U.S. Supreme Court?

    Answer :The term is for life.

  12. Does the Vice-President have any duties in the Legislative Branch?

    Answer :Yes. He presides over the United States Senate. The Vice President has a vote in the Senate if there is a tie.

  13. What was the Boston Tea Party?

    Answer :The colonists were upset over the tax on tea and dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor and soon the Revolutionary War started.

  14. What are the three most important powers of the United States Congress?

    Answer :(1) to make the laws
    (2) to declare war and
    (3) to admit new states to the Union

  15. What were the years of the Civil War?

    Answer :1861-1865

  16. In what city was the Declaration of Independence signed?

    Answer :In Philadephia, Pennsylvania

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