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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions are asked to judge how an applicant will respond to various situations he may face in the job. They generally relate to the past-experience of the candidate and how he has handled various situations that will be relevant to the job in question.

These are hypothetical questions and the thought behind it is that the past experience can give the best judgment of performance in the future, as and when similar circumstances occur. Such questions give the employer a brief idea as to how the candidate will fare in difficult situations that he may come across in complex environment of day-to-day business.

Over the years a lot of research has been conducted to prove that behavioral questions are potent enough to find out a job seeker’s potential. These questions are focused on various skills like content, practical or transferable skills etc.

Along with the questions we have also provided possible answers or guidelines on answering these questions. Candidates should be well prepared to face these types of interview questions. There are various methods to answer these questions. Two of the best methods are as follows:

  1. STAR method

    This is a well structured method that will help in giving impressive answers. Explain the Situation faced by you, then the Task at hand followed by the Action you had taken in the situation and the final Results of the action.

  2. PAR method

    This is a simple but effective method. You need to first discuss the Problem, then the Action taken and the Result achieved.

Both methods are partially different, but the basics are the same and both are equally effective to impress the interviewer. They formulate a systematic body to the answer instead of giving vague answers and also show your confidence as you are giving answers in a professional manner.

There are various categories of sample behavioral interview questions you may come across in the interview. We have prepared questionnaires on some of the main categories and they are as follows:

Initiative Ability To Learn
Analysis Work Standards
Flexibility Decision Making
Teamwork General questions
Personality Time Management
Leadership Interpersonal Skills
Motivatioin Problem Solving Skills
Adaptability Planning And Organization
Communication Technical/Professional Knowledge
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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions

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