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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Work Standards

Work Standards

Some sample behavioral interview questions and answers on Work Standards are provided here. These questions are provided to help the candidate demonstrate that he maintains high work standards.

  1. What is your definition of work standards?

    Ans: Sample answer: "Definition of standards differs from person to person. Similarly, definition of Work Standards also varies from company to company.

    According to me, work standard is the benchmark set by a company for the employees in regards to their specific jobs. It involves many aspects like key result areas, teamwork, discipline etc. The companies have set standards for various positions and expect the employees to meet those standards. The evaluation of employees for appraisals and promotions are made on the basis of these standards.

    Apart from the company standards, I have my own standards that I follow as I have set them according to my plan for growth in the career."

  2. Describe your standards of success in school and at work.

    Ans: The interviewer wants to check your standards and the consistency maintained or the improvement shown by you in your performances. Showing consistency is good, but it's more commendable if you can show an improvement curve in the standards from your days in school to your professional days. Do not blow your own horn, but make sure that you make the point confidently. The interviewer is experienced enough to understand the truth behind your words.

  3. Was there a time when you had a difference of opinion with your manager about your performance appraisal? How did you manage?

    Ans: In complex environments there is bound to be difference of opinion between two people. You should be able to show how you could effectively communicate your point-of-view to the manager and how you asked for clarification about his evaluation of your performance. Then elaborate how you were able to reach a positive conclusion with constructive discussion.

    Here it is important that you demonstrate that you were receptive to the feedbacks and used them in future to improve your performance.

  4. What did you do when you discovered that your performance was below standards?

    Ans: While answering such a question you must show a logical sense. To start with, you must tell how you found out that you were not up to the mark. If possible show that you were not meeting the standards set by yourself (you were doing fine as far as the company standards were concerned), and that is why you were unsatisfied.

    Then describe how you seek feedback from your superiors and colleagues. On the basis of the feedback and self analysis, emphasize that you prepared a plan and executed it to meet the standards.

  5. How did you react to situations when your performance was below standards as compared to a performance above standards?

    Ans: In a professional life everyone goes through ups and downs. The important part is how you react in such situations. Your answer can be, "When I am performing better than what is expected, I manage to keep a level head and make points about the right things I have been doing. I also acknowledge those who have been supportive in improving my performance.

    When my performance is not up to the standards, I analyze my actions and ask for feedbacks and suggestions. Then I use the analysis and suggestions to draw a plan of action. I also relate to the point when I was above standards and check if I am still doing the right things I was doing then."

  6. What aspects do you consider while evaluating the work standards of your subordinates?

    Ans: Make sure you answer this with thoughtfully. Generally work standards are judged on the basis of the set guidelines of any company. They differ from one position to another. Apart from that individual ability can also be criteria to make judgment. Give a generic example if you or simply state that you follow the set guidelines.

Given above are interview questions to assess the applicant's standards of work. The answers are a guideline for job seekers to emphasize their ability to maintain high standards at work.

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