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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Time Management

Time Management

Some sample behavioral interview questions and answers on Time Management have been provided here. These questions are provided to help the candidate illustrate his time management abilities as it is a desired skill in today's hectic schedules.

  1. Do you think, in today's worked up schedules, you have the time to finish all your duties?

    Ans: Sample answer: "We live in the modern times of technology where we are surrounded by so many machines and gadgets that our life has become easy. It is now very effortless to mange out time efficiently.

    With tools like mobile communication with others is quick. Computers and internet also help in, not only communicating, but also in research and automation. In most industrialized countries the transport facilities are also very competent.

    These developments have made it inevitable that we manage our time well. This can be done by avoiding the unnecessary activities when at work and prioritizing and scheduling everything. By doing this you are bound to find time for the activities so that you are able to finish your duties in time."

  2. How do you think procrastination can be avoided by planning your time?

    Ans: Sample answer: "The most important part is to think before committing. Examine all aspects of a project and then carefully set a time frame. Always give more time to the task than you feel is needed to tackle unforeseen situations.

    Identify all the pros and cons of the project. Set time for each task and note it down; make a detailed timetable. It will give a definite idea of the time set for each activity. This way you can also track the developments and review your plans. Entrust tasks to others. There are some things that others can do it better than you. Trust them, give responsibility with time frames.

    If tasks are well organized and executed accordingly, you can always meet the deadlines and avoid procrastination."

  3. How often do you take work home?

    Ans: This is a tricky question. The interviewer wants to actually ask, if you are willing to take work home. Your answer should be smart and short. The more you talk about it, bigger will be the hole you dig for yourself.

    An ideal reply would be, "I manage my time very efficiently at work, hence I usually don't need to take work home. At certain times when you are short of the mark, you need to take work home to meet the cut-off dates. But with me, it's not very often."

  4. How many weekly hours do you put in?

    Ans: Be considerate and careful while answering this question. You should have checked the work culture of the company in advance. Most companies expect the employees put in 40 to 45 hours a week. So stick to the standards. And more importantly, working long hours is not always a welcome sign. It states that you are not time efficient.

    A perfect answer would be, "I work for as many hours as standardized by the company policy. I manage to complete my tasks within the stipulated amount of time. And if the need arises, in some emergency situations, I can work for a longer period of time.

  5. How do you manage a sudden increase in workload?

    Ans: Another way of finding out your efficiency in time management, especially in crisis situations. Your answer should show that you have calmness and presence of mind in handling such situations. Describe how you were able to discuss and plan things out with colleagues, supervisors and other departments. State that you were able to draw a plan which capitalized on hourly costs and without any major changes were able to meet the deadline.

    Give a specific example as to how you managed things when your company took over some other company, or there was a new order. Explain how you were able to streamline things to get the desired results.

  6. How do you think is the tempo of your work?

    Ans: Another tricky question. No company would want an employee who goes about his work at a feverish pace as it would hamper the quality of work. Neither would any company want a person who is too sluggish and would find it difficult to meet time limits. Companies expect employees to maintain a stable pace at which deadlines as well as quality are maintained.

    Given above are interview questions to assess the applicant's ability to manage time. The answers are a guideline for job seekers to show that they posses this skill.

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