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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Technical And Professional Skills

Technical And Professional Skills

Some sample behavioral interview questions and answers on technical and professional skills have been provided here. These questions are provided to help the candidate illustrate his ability to acquire technical and professional skills.

  1. Define technical skills.

    Ans: Technique is a method/way of doing a task or job. Technical skills; therefore, is any expertise in doing a job. Every profession requires a certain kind of proficiency to perform. An actor needs the technical skills to use the camera angles to his advantage; an engineer needs skills to design and build a machine or a structure; a writer needs skills like style, vocabulary etc., to write what he intends to.

  2. According to you, what is unconscious competency? How important is it as a professional?

    Ans: Unconscious competency is doing things easily and skillfully, without having to think about it. For example, a professional race driver does not have to think about changing the gear or applying brakes etc.; he does it as and when required. He has unconscious capability in driving at high speed.

    Unconscious competency can be gained by practicing a skill time and again. The more you do a task the more habitual it gets and you start doing it effectively without having to think about it.

    It is important to attain unconscious proficiency as a professional because it makes your job easier and efficient. But there is a thin line between it and unconscious incompetency, so one needs to be careful.

  3. Describe your computer literacy.

    Ans: We live in the world of modern technological advancements and we are surrounded by computers. Almost all jobs require candidates to be computer literate. Basic knowledge about operating systems, Office applications like word, spreadsheets and presentation are essential. If your job requires any specialized software knowledge, then it is imperative that you are well versed with that software.

  4. How do you communicate technical information when required?

    Ans: Technical information is communicated to people who are in that particular technical field. A software professional will not communicate technical information to a lawyer or a doctor. It is field specific and the candidate must have the expertise to put it across in a language that is in tandem with his field of duty. And he must be clear and confident.

  5. How important it is to take extra technical training?

    Ans: In each and every field, new things are discovered and technology is invented. It is important to keep yourself updated. Extra technical skills obtained will only help in performing better. So a candidate must be able to emphasize on the fact that any extra technical training is crucial for self development.

  6. When was the last time you gained new technical skills for a project and how did it affect your performance?

    Ans: Some new projects or assignment make it mandatory to acquire new technical skills. Sometimes the candidate himself may volunteer for certain technical training as he finds it necessary for the job. Elaborate on the need to acquire the skill and how it affected your job performance. Show enthusiasm to obtain new skills when it comes to improving your job.

  7. How would you link technical development with job performance?

    Ans: The emphasis here is again on the new age of technology we live in. Many times, your growth as a professional is directly proportional to the technical advancement you attain. Show that new technical skills you obtain will always assist you in better job performance. If possible, give an example.

Given above are sample behavioral interview questions to assess the applicant’s ability to acquire technical and professional skills. The answers are a guideline for job seekers to show that they posses this ability.

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