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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Sample behavioral interview questions on problem-solving skills help examine the problem-solving ability of a job seeker. The answers are ideal examples to show that the applicant can solve problems at office. Also remember, the sample behavioral questions on problem-solving are different from sample behavioral interview questions on motivation and sample behavioral interview questions on leadership.

  1. What procedure do you employ in solving problems?

    Ans: All organizations want people with problem solving ability as you can come across complex situations in any job. Describe your analytic skills in decoding problems you face and underscore your ability to research and find logical solutions to them. Show your flair in focusing on the way out and a step by step approach towards resolving problems.

  2. Describe a problem you discovered in your current job. How did you solve it?

    Ans: It is not always easy to give good examples on short notice and in the pressure of interviews. You must know the competencies required for the job by examining the job description and requirements. Be prepared with examples accordingly. Describe circumstances you were involved in and steps that you took to reach a resolution. Make it a point to state the outcome of the steps you took and the accomplishments and learning experience. Give definite and suitable examples. It is very likely that you may be asked follow-up questions for additional information.

  3. Describe a win-win situation that you have negotiated.

    Ans: Any job involving teamwork will have many stakeholders and for them, their issues will be of prime concern. Effective problem solving involves finding the best solutions that will deal with all issues and no compromise of the others concerns. You should be able to explain that you have the confidence to communicate necessary information and provide alternate ways and gain approval. You must have ability to understand the core issue as well as concerns of team members and arrive at a solution accordingly.

  4. What did you do when you discovered that a problem was a direct effect of inappropriate service by your organization or team member?

    Ans: Describe your skill to take exact course of action after studying all the aspects of the problem. Affirm how you analyzed everything and quickly resolved the issue by using your problem solving ability and followed a rational way to get positive results. Solving problems of customers or clients is of prime importance for any organization as it is directly proportional to its business. Any organization would like to have employees who have the ability to handle customer/client grievances.

  5. What are the frequent problems you have been facing in your current job which you would like to get rid of, but have not solved it yet?

    Ans: You should never have any unsolved problems in a job, particularly if they are recurring. You must come across as someone who initiates in solving a problem. Emphasize that you make it a point to resolve matters in a timely manner and don't like to keep problems pending or procrastinate. Every company likes people who are not only good in resolving problems but also tackle them upfront. Individuals who drag their feet are not what a company is looking for.

  6. Illustrate an experience when you had to put your fact finding ability to solve a problem. How did you scrutinize them and reached a resolution?

    Ans: You should be able to demonstrate that you never go about solving a problem without thorough examination. Stress on the points that you decode the complete problem, analyze it and then find a step-by-step and rational solution. Be specific in your answer and don't over-state anything.

  7. What types of problems are you called upon to solve in your current position?

    Ans: This behavioral interviewing question is intended to investigate your capability to recognize, examine and resolve problems. Your answer should be based on the profile you are holding. It should demonstrate that you have the knack of solving any problem that you may come across and is within the demands of your responsibilities. If you have any experience wherein you have successfully solved a problem beyond the call of your duties, make it a point to share it. It will emphasize that you not only have problem solving skills but also have leadership abilities.

  8. Describe a situation where you had to adapt and manage change but were having problems. What did you do?

    Ans: Change management is an important task for any profession, but these are questions asked usually for leadership positions. Show that you are good at it and can acclimatize to altering demands successfully.

    Any good leader must be able to implement change. You must show how you analyzed all the aspects of a required change before endorsing or employing it. It is important that you can plan the change not only in the procedure but also in the people handling the process. People to accept change is difficult. So the problem of implementing a change can be solved by preparing a thoughtful step-by-step path and avoid any resistance to it. You should be able to elaborate how you planned carefully so that the change could be easily adopted.

The questions above are sample questions that are asked during the problem-solving round of interviews. Do check back for more sample behavioral interview questions on interpersonal-skills.

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