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Sample behavioral interview questions on personality help judge the personality or character of the applicant. These questions are different from sample behavioral interview questions on adaptability. The candidate can refer to the questions and answers given below and use them to showcase their personality in a better way during their interview. Also, one has to note that sample behavioral interview questions on communication are different from sample behavioral interview questions on personality.

  1. Give me a brief introduction.

    Ans: This is a common question to start an interview with. You must give a formal introduction by telling your name. Then talk about your current job profile and the company you are working with. Then tell about your previous experiences. Also give details about the key competencies and profile. Describe your educational background and a brief about your family. Start with your current educational institute and previous degrees/diploma if you are a fresher. Then mention the extra-curricular activities and then give brief information about your family.

  2. What is a perfect job profile for you?

    Ans: The candidate must be prepared for this question. He must keep in mind the profile for which the interview is, because at that moment this profile has to be perfect. If he aims something bigger, then this profile should be a way towards that bigger goal. The interviewer wants to check your interest for the job in this question and how long can you commit for the organization. He also wants to check how good the candidate is for this job considering his liking for a profile.

  3. What are your goals for the next three to five years? How will you achieve them?

    Ans: These kinds of questions are asked to judge the goals and the kind of the career path the applicant's has thought about. The interviewer wants to know if the job seeker is a long term prospect and if he has any leadership qualities if the need arises in future. The candidate should show that he is focused and confident of the goals he has set and the way he would go about to achieve. And at the same time he should also make sure that the goals he is talking about are in sync with the job in consideration.

  4. While presenting a report, your preferred way of communication would be oral or written?

    Ans: Sample answer: "The preferred medium of communication depends on the type of report that is to be presented. Some reports need both oral as well as written communication. Some reports like declaring monthly results should be done orally as they involve appreciation of those who have performed well. Other reports like the daily or weekly target reports must be in written form. Reports are a formal declaration, so written communication is a must. I am comfortable with both forms of communication.

  5. When you are not at work what are the activities you indulge into?

    Ans: This is one way of asking you about your hobbies. Just mention the things you like doing when you are having free time. It can be anything from dancing, singing, listening to music, to playing a certain sport or reading. It's important to be candid so that you can answer any question that is asked about a certain hobby. The interviewer just wants to check how you relax and spend your leisure time to get a reflection of your personality.

  6. How good are you at multi-tasking?

    Ans: Sample answer: "I don't think multi-tasking is a great idea. It takes away the focus required to do a specific job. It's easy to do routine things like checking your mail box, browsing through your social networking account or chatting with a friend. But any other task that needs attention can't be done along with some unimportant task. One has to set the priorities and set aside time for each task sooner than later to get the task done efficiently and on time.

  7. What are the factors that motivate you to give you best attempt?

    Ans: It is important to be honest while answering these questions as the interviewer is not just judging your motivational factors, but he is also checking your honesty. One of the ways of answering such a question would be by saying "I am a self-motivated individual. However, a good team environment and appreciation of doing a good job can be additional factors. Sometimes, meeting deadlines can also induce me to work harder. With passage of time, factors like promotion or salary increment can also motivate. But overall I am good at keeping myself motivated.

  8. What is the reason behind you quitting the existing job?

    Ans: This is a tricky question. The interviewer wants to check why the applicant is not happy with the organization he is currently employed with. If that is the case then it states that he is not a team man and no company would like to hire such an individual. If you answer that you are quitting due to a difficult situation, it implies that you don't have the fighting spirit. Give a straight forward answer; it can be for professional growth that you are looking for a new opportunity or it can be any personal reason like a preferred location. But make sure that you are not exposing any weakness of yours and the reasons for quitting are logical.

  9. Professionally speaking, what have been your greatest achievements?

    Ans: This is a kind of question that is usually asked in all interviews, so make sure that you are prepared with the answer. Don't brag about yourself as the interviewer is seasoned enough to understand the weight of your statements. Describe the challenges you have faced professionally and what tactics and techniques you have applied in difficult state of affairs. Never overstate, just keep it to the point, but make sure you state the important elements. If possible, give some evidence of the accomplishments.

  10. Why do you think our organization can be the right employer for you?

    Ans: The interviewer wants to check if you really want to join his organization. You can answer this question by including many characteristics and parameters that an organization can present. The most important thing would be the job profile you are looking for is on offer, and how it can help you achieve your professional growth. The achievements of the organization as to where it stands in the industry, the growth prospects that are seen and the stability it offers. You can state that you want to be a part of a growing organization as it will help you grow as well. You can talk about the work environment, logically stating the reasons that you have read on the internet and about the vision and future plans you have read on the company's website.

Given above were some sample questions and answers that are generally asked during the personality test round of the interview. Keep checking back to find some more sample behavioral interview questions on analysis.

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