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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Motivation


Some sample behavioral interview questions and answers on motivation have been provided here. These questions are provided to help the candidate clear the interview round that would be conducted to check how the candidate can be a good team player and motivate the members of the team. Find sample behavioral interview questions on ability to learn and sample behavioral interview questions on problem solving skills in some of our next entries of this section.

  1. What is your definition of success in your chosen field of career?

    Ans: Sample answer: "Success, for me is a journey and not a destination. Irrespective of the field one has chosen for a career, one has to keep getting better at the job at hand. I believe that competing with others is good, but the best competition is with self. Keep beating your previous performance and success will follow. It is very important to enjoy the journey and the day to day work that you do."

  2. You have tried to complete a task and failed many times. How do you motivate yourself to keep going until the task is done?

    Ans: Sample answer: "The biggest motivating factor is the goal that you have set for yourself. Failures can never hold you back if the goal is important for you. It's the goal that keeps you motivated to keep on trying till you achieve it. And what are failures? Failures are stepping stones to success. They teach you ways for not doing things. Once you know how not to do things, you will automatically know how to get things done."

  3. What is the most important habit one needs to acquire to make a person more effective in everything one does?

    Ans: Sample answer: "The most important habit that one needs to acquire is positive thinking. It not easy, but it can be acquired by thinking consciously. Positive thinking encourages positive action and eventually brings out positive results. By thinking positively we project good things and that is what we get as an end result. It does not mean that you will not come across obstacles or failures, but it is easier to tide over them if you have a positive frame of mind."

  4. How do you react when faced with many hurdles while trying to achieve a goal? How do you overcome the hurdles?

    Ans: Sample answer: "We won't value anything if life was a smooth ride, in fact we won't value life itself. Hurdles make the ride enjoyable. If I come across hurdles, I try to jump over them or walk around them. The important part is you must keep an eye on the goal, never let it out of sight. That helps in going on. I think that if you keep banging the door the door will either open or break. That is how I approach the hurdles and keep going."

  5. If you find yourself working with a team that is not motivated, how do you keep yourself motivated and motivate others?

    Ans: Sample answer: "First I'll try to find out the reason behind them being de-motivated. I will try to keep positive vibes going as I have found out that energy is contagious, positive or negative. So it's important that you remain positive. Then try to create a warm and fun filled atmosphere so that they start to enjoy what they are doing. And the most important part would be to remind the colleagues about the motive of doing the job. Once they understand their objective they will sure get motivated."

  6. Over a period of time, the job you are doing becomes a routine and you lose passion. What would you do to retain the passion?

    Ans: Sample answer: "Once the job becomes a routine you are bound to stagnate. One must choose a career very carefully in the first place. It must be something you always wanted to do. That will keep the passion going. Always remember the first day of your job. Have a mental note of the energy and enthusiasm you had then. Keep on working as if it is your first day. And if it does happen that you still lose the passion, take a break. Go back and do activities that you like, have fun, spend time with family and friends. Completely disconnect yourself from the job. Rejuvenate yourself and then get back to work. It's difficult at times, but if you really like your job, the passion will be back."

  7. What kind of managers bring out the best performance of yours?

    Ans: Sample answer: "I am comfortable working with all types of managers. The important thing is to develop a rapport and be responsible. Look for feedbacks and suggestions, any manager will be happy to assist you in that. And I am a self motivator and enthusiastic. So as long as I do my duties with zeal and responsibly I don't think any manager will have a problem with me. In fact they will encourage me to keep going and doing better at my job."

  8. Can you maintain self-motivation when you experience a setback on the way to achieve your target? How do you do it?

    Ans: Sample answer: "Maintaining self-motivation is very essential in these competitive times. The key is to enjoy the job. If you enjoy the process it keeps you motivated. I don't think too much about the outcome. The journey is important. If you can get pleasure from the passage even a failure won't bog you down."

These were some sample behavioral interview questions on motivation. You will also find some sample behavioral interview questions on teamwork, that would help you showcase yourself as a good team player during the interview.

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