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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : General Questions

General Questions

General interview questions are asked in an interview to review the job seeker's skills for the job. The answers can be used as a guideline to prove the candidate’s ability.

  1. Do you lose temper easily? What is it that makes you angry at work?

    Ans: All of us tend to lose temper at times and it is only natural as we are human beings. But it is important that we don’t vent our anger in public and have its effect on the job and work atmosphere. I am generally very good at controlling my temper and exhibit tolerance.

    The one thing that I can get angry is people showing irresponsibility when it comes to work. But starting a quarrel will only make matters worse and a never ending blame game may start. I usually discuss calmly with people about their responsibilities and bring them to a realization. And I make no bones if someone is up with a suggestion to improve my work standards.

  2. Were you ever fired from a company? Why?

    Ans: It is better if it has not ever happened with you because if you were fired, it's awful in the first place and now that you have to answer this question in an interview, it just got worse.

    Tom, a friend of mine once replied, "Out of the blue my manager was transferred and a new one come in. I think that he had some problem with me because he started giving me impractical targets and kept on screwing me for not achieving them. I even tried to explain him the situation, but he was adamant, which ultimately resulted in me being fired."

    This is the worst way of answering this question. Unkind remarks about your ex-boss will not go down well with a prospective employer. It suggests that you are a person who blames others for any difficult situation.

    Meg gave an acceptable answer to this. "A major reengineering happened in one of my previous organizations and I could not cope up with it. There was a radical change in the work culture and everything was done differently; I just could not pick-up quickly. This gave rise to difference of opinion with my boss and I had to leave. I take the blame for my inability. The whole experience gave me a great lesson and now I can manage change with relative comfort."

    This answer shows that you have the confidence to take blame and learn something from a bad experience.

  3. Brief me about your working style.

    Ans: This is an opportunity to sell you to the employer. Tell the interviewer about the how you plan and organize your tasks. Emphasize on your ability to prioritize, the team culture that you follow. Discuss your communication style and how it varies from situation to situation which will prove your oral as well as written communication skills. Discuss your relation with your boss and how you ask him for feedbacks to constantly improving your performance.

  4. Your profile states that you are overqualified got this job. I doubt whether you will stay with the organization.

    Ans: In times of economic crisis it is possible that you may apply for a job that is not up to your level. Most interviewers may very well agree that it is not possible to get the perfect employee; they are either under-qualified or overqualified for a job.

    Sample Answer, "I don't think that anyone can be overqualified for any job. If anything it can be a case of someone having those extra skills. I think it is good that I have some extra skills and they might be beneficial in the long run. And you can check that I have a history of not changing jobs too often. I like to fit in and do my best for as long as I can. I strongly believe that for long term growth it is important that you stay with one organization for longer period of time."

  5. How is your response to competition?

    Ans: In any type of job or business, competition is natural. I think it is good as long as it is healthy competition. If everybody is cheerful about it, I enjoy the competition. However, the most important competition is competition with self. I think you need to keep on beating your own performance and keep improving; everything else will be taken care of. And one must appreciate others who are doing better than you and take a leaf out of their book to improve.

We have given a bunch of sample general questions in this section which the interviewers can use. Also given are answers or guidelines the interviewee can use to prepare them for the interview.

Apart from being prepared for answering these questions make a checklist before going to the interview. Research about the company and the industry it belongs to, research about salaries, prepare personalized answers to these questions and rehearse them.

On the day of the interview make sure you have a number of copies of your resume and recommendation letters. Confirm the address and get directions. Be well groomed as it will reflect confidence because you will feel good about yourself.

During the interview be at ease; make sure that your answers don’t reflect as if you have rehearsed them. Maintain eye contact and smile; talk at an adequate speed, not too fast or too slow. We are confident that with all these preparations and best sample questions, you will fare well in all the interviews.

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