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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : General Questions

General Questions

Sample general behavioral interview questions helps in assessing if a job seeker has various skills for a job. job seekers can use the answers to prepare themselves for such questions.

  1. How long should I expect you to stay with the organization if I hire you?

    Ans: The interviewer wants to check your commitment levels. Keep the answer as short as possible but put your point across clearly.

    Sample Answer "I am a growth oriented person. I will stay with the organization as long as I have a chance to grow. I am sure that in an organization like yours; I will have plenty of opportunities. I would also like to see the organization benefiting from my efforts. That will make my growth much more satisfying."

  2. If I say that you have been terrible in your interview till now, how would you react?

    Ans: It is a scary question, but don't panic. This is a question to check your temper and thought process.

    An ideal answer can be, "I have given my best. I came here well prepared by doing all the necessary research. I read all I could about your company. I think my experience till date is very relevant to the job on offer. May be there are some things where you have a different point of view. But I am confident that I will be the suitable for the job and I will try and convince you about it."

  3. Can you handle if you have to report to a younger person or a woman?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "I really have a high regard for a company that appoints and promotes on merit only and I completely agree with that viewpoint. The age (gender, race, etc.) of the person, whom I would report to, will make no difference for me. I would make no bones about it.

    Whoever is in that position has worked hard and earned it and will surely be good at the job. The individual and the position, both fully deserve the respect. It makes me understand that all people of the organization, from the bottom to the top, are completely committed to their jobs and put in their best efforts, and such efforts are always respected and rewarded reasonably, and that includes you. That is the best work culture you I expect to work in."

  4. How would you crack the HR interview?

    Ans: Sample answer: "HR people are no monsters who are going to eat me up. They are also human beings, so I won't press the panic button. I am sure that if I have my priorities set and I give answers that are logical I should do fine." Remember that in an HR interview what you answer is not that important, what is important is that you prove that the answer is right. It is important to be firm on ones views.

    For example if you are asked about your willingness to relocate make sure you answer it as per your priorities. You must have discussed this with your family. Answer accordingly. Don't give a commitment which you cannot fulfill. Remember, there is no right or wrong answers to these questions. Just maintain your confidence.

  5. What are the things you have learnt about team relation?

    Ans: Sample answer: "There are many things one can learn while working in a team. The first thing I learnt that each individual is different from the other. So it is important to understand each other to work as a team. One must respect everybody and treat them equally. I have learnt to be more cooperative and tolerant. I appreciate that if I will be a good team member it will automatically reflect positively on my performance."

These are some sample general interview questions and answers. We have posted some more general questions as well as some skill specific questions on motivation, leadership, and teamwork to assist you.

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