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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : General Questions

General Questions

Sample general behavioral interview questions assist in reviewing if a candidate has different know-how for a job. The answers are ideal examples or guidelines to prove that the job seeker has the required traits.

  1. Can you discuss some easy steps to manage a conflict?

    Ans: Sample answer: "Most conflict management books discuss the similar basic skills even if they talk in a different way. Some easy steps in conflict management can be discussed as follows:

    • It begins with you. Accept your outlook and get control on it. Relax. Recognize your preferred result in a conflict and seek to presume desire of others. What do you wish for? What is it that they want?

    • Be inquisitive. Empathize and try and find the others point of view. Ask practical queries and pay attention. Don’t jump to conclusions. Nothing is personal. It is the situation that is the cause of a conflict not any person.

    • Understand the feeling of others and confirm their concern. It doesn't suggest that you agree. It implies that you understand them. It's a great gift which moves discussion in a positive direction. Both parties will be able to understand each other and a solution can be reached.

    • Explain Yourself. Let others understand your opinion.

    • As you listen carefully and talk, you understand that the goals are common, and then it is not difficult to reach an agreeable solution."

  2. Describe a situation where you were given specific instructions and were not able to understand it. How did you manage?

    Ans: Don't boast off yourself saying that you have never been in such a situation. It happens with everyone that sometimes you do not understand some instructions. State that you have a balanced mind and you understand that seeking clarity in such situations is necessary and that is what you do. The desired outcome cannot be accomplished if you are not clear about the task at hand.

  3. What do you think is the difference between being confident and over-confident?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "Confidence is an attribute. It is the belief one has about certain qualities to do various tasks at hand. It is the trust in ones abilities to overcome any challenge and accomplish the goals set.

    Cover-confidence is devastating. It has its seeds in arrogance that no one else can do certain stuff. It leads to carelessness which eventually ends up with failures."

  4. According to you, what is creativity?

    Ans: Sample answer: "Creativity is a nucleus of leadership and management and also one of the best means to create a unique identity for yourself and the company. Profitable creativity is described by the skill to show the world in novel ways, to connect phenomena that seem unrelated on the face, and to find answers. Getting brand new solutions in turbulent times, and the capability to produce original products, practices or services for a changing times, are component of the intelligent people who give an organization an edge over others. Creativity is essential for progress."

  5. Describe the difference between hard work and smart work?

    Ans: Sample answer "When you climb a mountain from four different directions you put in a lot of effort. That is hard work. But once you have discovered the easiest way to reach the top, you will always follow that way and that is smart work.

    Similarly in doing any task, one has to put in a lot of effort. Hard work is essential for any job. Once you get experienced and learn the tricks of the trade you will become a master of it. Only then you can work smart. Smart work is the outcome of hard work. To be successful in any field hard work and smart work both are important."

Given above are general interview questions to evaluate the ability of a candidate. The answers are a guideline for the job seekers.

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