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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : General Questions

General Questions

Sample general behavioral interview questions helps in assessing if a job seeker has various skills for a job. The answers are ideal examples or guidelines to show that the applicant have the required qualities.

  1. What is it that you have, will prove to be an asset to our organization?

    Ans: You should always be keen to answer such questions. It gives you an excellent opportunity to exhibit your skills and prove your worthiness. You should keep in mind the position you are interviewed for and elaborate your assets accordingly. Have an answer prepared as per your skills and experience. Relate the skills with the job in question and elaborate how those skills will help you in doing your job better.

    >Do not go over board as the interviewer will be able to understand it. Don’t give a generic answer either, as it shows that you lack knowledge about the job on offer as well as lack of self knowledge. If possible give examples to prove your point.

  2. What are the aspects that stimulate your best shot?

    Ans: It is important to be straightforward while answering these questions as the interviewer is not just reviewing your motivational factors, but is also checking your integrity. One of the good ways of answering such a query would be by saying, "I am a self-driven individual. However, a good team culture and appreciation of doing a first-rate job can be other factors. Every now and then, meeting cut-off dates can also encourage me to work harder. With course of time, factors like promotion or an increased pay packet can also be the motivating factors. But overall I am good at keeping myself charged up."

  3. Over a period of time, the work you are doing becomes habitual and you lose enthusiasm. What do you do to retain enthusiasm?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "Once the job becomes a habit you are bound to decline in efficiency. One must select a profession very vigilantly in the first place. It ought to be something you always desired to do. That will keep the enthusiasm going. Always keep in mind the opening day of your job. Have a psychological note of the liveliness and zeal you had then. Continue working as if it is your first day. And if it does happen that you still see a drop in excitement, take a few days off. Go back to activities that you like, entertain yourself, spend time in the company of family and friends. Detach yourself completely from the job. Revitalize yourself inside-out and then hop back to work. It's tricky at times, but if you are truly fond of your job, the zeal will be back."

  4. Is there anything that you would like to ask?

    Ans: Asking questions is a sign of confidence. It also helps you in clearing any doubts you may have about the job profile or the organization. And even though no question is a silly question, be careful. As far as possible don't ask about the salary, let the interviewer come up with the discussion of salary.

    Questions like,"What professional training will I need in order to be productive for the organization as soon as possible?" can be good to impress the interviewer. Or, "What will be the type of assignments or projects that I will be involved in to start with?" is also a good question. Don't just go on and on with a series of questions to irritate the interviewer. Keep it simple and short, but asking an odd question is always good.

  5. What is your opinion about continuously updating yourself?

    Ans: Your interviewer wants to check your ability to update yourself by continuously learning new things and evaluate your self-improvement curve. Any employer would prefer candidates who strive to improve themselves.

    You should be prepared to give a detailed answer. Your answer should show your positive approach towards self-improvement. Provide a constructive view to the main point. Use of affirmative words as they will help in giving a confidence to your tone and support to your belief of continuously updating yourself.

    You should stress on the Importance of updating yourself in today’s times when new things are discovered every day. A person with this type of attitude will be an asset to any organization. If possible provide ways of learning by giving examples. Describe any recent activity you were involved in, to update yourself.

Given above are general interview questions to judge the ability of an applicant. The answers are a guideline for job seekers.

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