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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Flexibility


Sample behavioral interview questions on flexibility are asked to judge the flexibility of the applicant. In the corporate world many organizations work in multi-cultural and multi-national environment. Thus, flexibility is a desired quality. The applicants can use the model answers to exhibit his flexibility. But the questions on flexibility differ from the sample behavioral interview questions on adaptability and sample behavioral interview questions on analysis.

  1. Do you believe that flexibility can improve performance? How?

    Ans: Flexibility at work means being prepared to adjust and accept alterations in functions. Ability to accept change is an essential quality in today’s complex work culture. It also gives you a chance to show that you are multi-talented. It also denotes that you are upbeat and self-assured. Suppleness helps in tapping your own prospects and carving a forte in our practiced vocation. This will help in your growth with the organizational growth.

    Don't go over the top in stating the importance of flexibility, but make sure you understand it to be an essential element of business these days.

  2. Do you know the types of flexibilities?

    Ans: You should know the various types as it elaborates your understanding of the term professionally. There varied types like Dynamic/Kinetic flexibility, which means a person who is flexible in a lively way and accepts changes easily.

    Then there is static flexibility which is more often than nor passive, which means that the person is accepting change because has no option.

  3. How good are you to changing company guidelines and procedures?

    Ans: It is imperative to value the guidelines and processes of the company as they are the limitations that all employees have to adhere to.

    Companies change policies and course of action with an aim to get better results. You must be able to emphasize that following the restrictions imposed by the management will only help you in the long term to achieve your goals along with that of the company in a superior way.

  4. Can you work overtime, or at nightshifts or weekends? / How flexible are your timings?

    Ans: It is crucial that you give straightforward answers. Working overtime or in shifts are situational expectations, if the need arises. Working extra to meet targets or clients demands is normal.

    You must be clear with the job description as some jobs may require working in shifts due to international business environment. Time flexibility is necessary sometimes, but you should keep in mind your other priorities as well.

  5. If required, will you be able to relocate or travel?

    Ans: Again, your answer must be truthful. If you agree, only for the sake of getting the job you will end up in murky waters.

    Certain companies have multi city/national setup. You may have to relocate for a project or on promotion, as the case is. Some profiles include extensive travelling. You must talk about these possibilities with your family before coming for the interview and give an honest answer.

  6. How would you manage if two projects require your time?

    Ans: Candidate should able to demonstrate that he was able to set priorities and manage time flexibility. A perfect answer can be, "I checked the deadlines for each of the projects and accordingly set out the priorities. I discussed both projects with supervisors and explained them the situation. With their guidance I was able to allot time to both projects in a way that my focus will not be wayward and I would be able to carry out both responsibilities with ease."

Given above are some sample questions and answers used to check flexibility of the aspiring candidates. Do check back for more sample behavioral interview questions on ability to learn.

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