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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Analysis


Some sample behavioral interview questions and answers on analysis have been provided here. These questions are provided to help the candidate clear the interview round that would be conducted to check how good a candidate is at analyzing.

  1. Describe a task that tested your ability to analyze.

    Ans: You must be able to show how you were able to locate a problem and use logical reasoning to decode it. Then you must underscore how you examined all aspects of the issue and thoughtfully reached a solution. You must remember that analysis is more about how you break down an issue into minute parts to understand it completely so that the best possible solution could be reached.

  2. Can you describe an experience where you were asked to prepare a report on something?

    Ans: Preparing any kind of report needs a lot of analysis and it covers studying many aspects as you have to collect and go through a lot of data. You must describe the situation or the report that you had to prepare and the time frame to do so.

    Brief about the kind of data you needed and how you communicated with the various people involved getting that data in a timely manner. After collecting the data, explain how you divided it into all the required parameters for detailed analysis and then after examining all the aspects, how you prepared the final draft of the report and presented it.

  3. Why do you think that man holes are round in shape?

    Ans: This may seem to be a weird way of finding the analytical abilities in a candidate, but it is a very effective one. The answer to it is also very simple. "If man holes are of any other shape, they can fall through at some certain angles exposing the passersby to danger. Round shapes are uniform from all sides; hence there is no chance of them falling through. Round shaped man holes are the safest options to cover the drainages."

  4. How do you think your skills and experience match the job we have on offer?

    Ans: This is one of the favorite questions asked to check the candidate's ability to analyze. It is a good chance for the candidate too to show his ability of analysis. You must have read the job description carefully and analyzed the details and then concluded that this job can be a good prospect for you. That is the reason why you are at the interview in the first place. Choose your words carefully and you should be able to give a good answer to this one.

  5. If you come across circumstances where you have two or more ways to achieve a goal, and each one as good as the other, which alternative will you select?

    Ans: The interviewer can easily check your analytical skills when it comes to professional dealings using this question.

    A model answer can be, "Not all options can be as good as the other even though it may seem so. One has to examine all the options in details, check for the accessible and necessary resources; evaluate the cost-benefit ratio and choose the best option, put it to work and realize the goal."

  6. Why do you think our organization can be the right employer for you?

    Ans: You can answer this question by including the analysis of many features and parameters that an organization can offer. The most important thing would be how you have thoroughly examined the job profile you are looking for is on offer, and how it can help you achieve your professional growth.

    The scrutiny of the achievements of the organization as to where it stands in the business and the growth prospects that are seen and the steadiness it offers. You can state that you have checked that this is a growing company and you want to be a part of it as it will help you grow as well.

    You can talk about the work environment, logically stating the reasons that you have read on the internet about the vision and future plans you have read on the companyís website. It shows that you have carefully analyzed the organizational profile thus emphasizing on your ability to analyze.

Given above were questions to evaluate the ability of analysis in an applicant. The answers are a guideline for job seekers.

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