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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions : Adaptability


Sample behavioral interview questions on adaptability help evaluate the adaptability factor of a job seeker. The answers are ideal examples to show that the applicant possess the quality of adapting to situations at work place.

  1. Describe your changeover from high school to business school.

    Ans: This is a simple question asked to check your adaptability. The environment of a high school and that of a business school is entirely different. Even the roles and responsibilities of the students change. Students are more independent in business schools and also have more free will.

    Your ability to adapt to the varied environment should come up clearly. Your answer should show that you were level headed enough to enjoy the freedom responsibly and were able to get along by yourself and get acclimatized. It should show that the transition from high school to business school was smooth and you were able to make friends and form a team.

  2. It has been a long time that you are working with your current employer. Won’t it be difficult to switch over to a new company?

    Ans: It is a tricky question. The interviewer has an opinion that it would be difficult for you to adapt to a new work culture after being used to a certain environment for a long time.

    To change his outlook you must be able to explain that even in your current organization you are able to accept changes in working conditions. Your answer must state that your long stay with the company has not led to a static state of affairs. Underscore the varied responsibilities you have had and a broad range of circumstances you faced and overcame.

    The overall experience has helped you to adapt to new situations and that you enjoy new challenges. If needed, explain him that the job profile is exactly the same as the previous job and it would be effortless to make a switch over.

  3. How do you adapt to major changes at work?

    Ans: Change, as is said, is the only thing constant. As a professional you must be good at change management. You should be able to illustrate that you accept change with calmness and certainty.

    Any change made by the management is directly proportional to the goals of the organization, so show that you have the maturity to understand the same and accept it. You don’t oppose change for the sake of it or out of panic. If you are not content with a certain change, you have the confidence to seek explanation and understand and accept it.

  4. You face a challenging situation involving three people; your manager, a peer and a client. All are in an emergency and only person who can provide solution is you. How will you manage to satisfy them all?

    Ans: I will first understand the exact problem they are going through and depending on the intensity of the problem I will assist them. But at any given time, a client’s issue is of utmost importance and having a happy client would be important for the company. Even my manager and peer will understand it.

    So I will first handle the client’s issue and see to it that it is resolved to his satisfaction. Then I will try assisting my manager as his issue can affect the overall performance of the team or project and then will help out my peer with his/her difficulty.

    It is important that you apply logic to answer these types of questions.

  5. Every individual has different style of working. How do you adapt to an associate’s style in order to finish an assignment?

    Ans: When you are involved in any team assignment you have to adapt to an associate’s working style. Your answer must demonstrate that you are comfortable in adapting someone else’s method of work as long it is in-tandem with the task at hand.

    You should show how you ask and understand a specific way of work and implement it so that a project meets it deadlines. State that it is particularly important to incorporate a certain style if it is the best way to get things done.

The questions above are sample questions and answers that are asked during the adaptability test of interviews. These questions and answers will help you clear your adaptability test of the behavioral interview round.

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