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Writing Skills Section : PSAT Sample Improving Paragraph Questions

Passage 6:

(1) Jazz is a satisfying and creative form of music. (2) The freedom it allows the musician is in no other form of music. (3) Improvisation is the reason. (4) With jazz, musicians can compose music as they play. (5) Jazz, more than any other music, can evoke so many moods and feelings. (6) The soulful wailing of a saxophone in a bluesy ballad can bring tears to a listener's eyes, and the soaring notes of a jazz trumpet can inspire joy.
7) Jazz is often played with a vocalist. (8) It is so expressive, that many jazz enthusiasts believe words are unnecessary. (9) Jazz goes beyond words. (10) Unfortunately, purely instrumental jazz may not appeal to some people because of this; they need words to associate with feelings.

Question: In context, which of the following words are the most logical to insert at the beginning of sentence 9 (reproduced below)?
Jazz goes beyond words.

  1. I have found that
  2. On the other hand
  3. And yet, for others
  4. As a result,
  5. For them,

Answer :E


The words "in context" at the beginning of the question alert the reader to consider the material in the sentence immediately preceding sentence 9. Sentence 8 describes the belief of many jazz enthusiasts that words are unnecessary. Sentence 9 is a continuation of the idea held by enthusiasts. Thus choice E, which ties this idea to the enthusiasts, is the best choice.

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