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PMP Sample Questions

  1. The _________ is a time-phased budget that will be used to measure and monitor cost performance in the project.

    • work breakdown structure
    • project schedule
    • cost baseline
    • cost budget

    Answer: C

  2. To transfer most of the cost risk to the contractor, the client may use a ___________ contract.

    • cost plus award fee
    • cost plus incentive fee
    • cost plus fixed fee
    • fixed price

    Answer: D

  3. An appropriate sequence for risk management activities is:

    • risk identification, risk quantification, and risk response development and control.
    • risk identification, risk assessment, and risk planning.
    • risk identification, risk mitigation, and risk management.
    • risk identification, risk elimination, and risk mitigation.

    Answer: A

  4. Theory X holds that:

    • quality improvements lie in the hands of quality circles.
    • profits are tied to meeting schedule deadlines.
    • absenteeism is tied to poor working conditions.
    • workers are inherently unmotivated and need strong guidance.

    Answer: D

  5. All of the following are characteristics of parametric estimating except:

    • historical information.
    • quantifiable.
    • scalable.
    • activity lists.

    Answer: D

  6. Inputs to cost budgeting include all of the following except:

    • cost baseline
    • cost estimate
    • work breakdown structure
    • project schedule

    Answer: A

  7. Inputs used during scope planning include all of the following except:

    • constraints.
    • project charter.
    • budget/cost analysis.
    • product description.

    Answer: C

  8. Cost control outputs include all of the following except:

    • estimate at completion.
    • budget updates.
    • revised cost estimates.
    • cost baseline.

    Answer: D

  9. Risk identification outputs include the following except:

    • decision trees.
    • inputs to other processes.
    • risk symptoms.
    • potential risk events.

    Answer: A

  10. Inputs into overall change control include all of the following except:

    • project plan.
    • change requests.
    • change control system.
    • performance reports

    Answer: C

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