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PMP Sample Questions

  1. Which of the following should not be reason for “rebaselining” in a project?

    1. Scope changes.
    2. Cost variances.
    3. Major schedule changes.
    4. New information indicating that the basis for the original project cost estimates was incorrec

    Answer: B

  2. When a change control system‘s provision for changes without formal review in case of emergency is being utilized

    1. Changes can be simply applied without further managerial activities if they help solving the problem.
    2. Changes must still be documented and captured so that they do not cause problems later in the project.
    3. A new change control board (CCB) should be established.
    4. The project baseline must be changed as well.

    Answer: B

  3. Which of the following is generally not regarded to be a motivator according to Frederick Herzberg?

    1. Working conditions and interpersonal relations.
    2. Responsibility for enlarged task.
    3. Interest in the task.
    4. Recognition for achievement.

    Answer: A

  4. Companies and institutions commonly hire leaders with

    1. A strong position in negotiating.
    2. Experience in tricking business partners.
    3. Integrity and expertise.
    4. A strong link to local traditions.

    Answer: C

  5. You are the project manager and have contracted with a service provider to develop a complicated software solution This software is necessary to control the machinery equipment which your project team will develop. It is a lump-sum contract with additional incentives for meeting predefined schedule targets. The payment schedule and incentives are as follows:

    • 10% with order
    • 20% after submission of prototype (+ 5% if delivered one week early)
    • 50% after product delivery (+ 5 % if delivered one week early)
    • 20% after final product acceptance (+ 5 % if delivered one week early)

Yesterday the company submitted the prototype to your project team. This was 2 weeks after the scheduled delivery date and 3 weeks after the date necessary to qualify for the incentive payment.

This morning, the manager of the contractor approached you to ask for changes to the payment schedule. They found that their initial work and costs were much higher than originally expected and they now wish to increase the second payment to 30% and reduce the final payment to 10%.

During the discussion you got the impression that the company is in serious financial trouble.

Which of the following might be the most appropriate initial step?

  1. Offer to pay 25% now and to reduce the final payment down to 15%.
  2. Point out that the contractor is not in a position to demand a change to the contract.
  3. Demand an urgent meeting with the seller.
  4. Revisit the planning processes of project risk management to understand the upcoming risks in conjunction with the seller before any further decisions are made.

Answer: D

  • A review of management processes and the associated documentation is commonly called

    1. Audit.
    2. Inspection.
    3. Testing and measuring.
    4. Screening.

    Answer: A

  • Which of the following is true in regard to the Code of Accounts?

    1. It allows one to easily identify the breakdown level of the item in the resource structure.
    2. It describes the coding structure used by the performing organization to report financial information in its general ledger.
    3. It is the collection of unique identifiers generally assigned to WBS items.
    4. It defines ethical behavior in the project and the responsibilities to the customer and the profession.

    Answer: C

  • You are a member of your company's project office. The company is running many concurrent projects; most of them share a resource pool. Understanding how resources are utilized across projects is seen as being essential to cost effectiveness and profitability.

    You recently received an inquiry to assess the benefits of using project management software to manage the company's project portfolio.

    Which of the following is true?

    1. Project management software has the capability to help organize resource pools.
    2. Project management software will dramatically simplify the task of leveling resources across projects with different project management teams.
    3. Supporting project portfolio management is not the project office's business.
    4. Evaluating project management software is not the project office's business.

    Answer: A

  • What are SMART objectives?

    1. Objectives specified with far more detail than necessary for a successful project.
    2. Easily achievable objectives.
    3. Objectives that should be achieved in order to attain formal recognition.
    4. Objectives that have specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related specifications.

    Answer: D

  • You have been assigned to a new project and have finished the scope statement. You and your team are now going to create a Work Breakdown Structure. You are spending a lot of time discussing how to create a completely decomposed Work Breakdown Structure.

    Which of the following is not relevant to this discussion?

    1. Status/completion is measurable.
    2. Time/cost is easily estimated.
    3. Start/end events are clearly defined.
    4. Resource availability can be reliably foreseen.

    Answer: D

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