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PMP Sample Questions

  1. A project manager performs Earned Value Analysis and finds the following values:

    EV: 100,000; PV: 125,000; AC: 100,000

    1. The project is on schedule but costs exceed budget.
    2. The project is on schedule and on budget.
    3. The project is behind schedule but on budget.
    4. Then project is behind schedule and costs exceed budget.

    Answer: C

  2. What are "Global Literacies"?.

    1. The ability to read reports written in many different languages.
    2. The ability to succeed in a cross cultural environment.
    3. The ability to develop internationally accepted contracts.
    4. The ability to communicate using drawings and pictograms which are understood all over the world

    Answer: B

  3. During a project the scope of product purchased on a cost reimbursable contract has increased. In the contract the contractor‘s indirect costs are calculated as 20 % of the direct costs. What is most likely to be true?

    1. The contractor‘s indirect costs will increase and the customer‘s payment for them will increase, too.
    2. The contractor‘s indirect costs will increase but the customer‘s payment for them not.
    3. Neither the indirect costs nor the customer‘s payment for indirect costs will increase.
    4. The contractor‘s indirect costs will not increase but the customer‘s payment for them will.

    Answer: D

  4. A project management team is evaluating the causes that might contribute to unsatisfactory performance and quality. Which of the following statements is not true?

    1. Normal process variation is attributable to random causes.
    2. Special causes are easier to predict and handle than random causes.
    3. Special causes are unusual events.
    4. A process can be optimized to limit the bandwidth of variations due to random causes.

    Answer: B

  5. You are performing a project management audit in your company and find that most of the project plans are neither consistent nor up-to-date.

    Which of the following statements is not true?

    1. Projects should never be executed without a valid, updated and working project plan.
    2. The project plan is secondary because it is only the results that matter.
    3. A great deal of effort is required to develop and update a project plan, but the benefits include less pressure on all stakeholders and a resulting product that will satisfy the requirements.
    4. Poor planning is one of the major reasons for cost and time overruns.

    Answer: B

  6. What is active risk acceptance?

    1. Creating contingency reserves in money and time.
    2. Developing a plan to minimize potential impact.
    3. Developing a plan to minimize probability.
    4. Making additional resources available

    Answer: A

  7. Project costs are over budget when

    1. CPI > 1.
    2. CPI < 1.
    3. CPI < 0.
    4. SPI = 1.

    Answer: B

  8. Which of the following statements is not true?

    1. Only those who realize that cultural differences are a resource to be fully utilized will survive.
    2. There is a common ground for people from different cultures on which they can interact without unsolvable conflicts.
    3. Cultural differences will always be an obstacle to be overcome.
    4. Culture is a critical lever for competitive advantage.

    Answer: C

  9. What is a quality audit?

    1. A team meeting dedicated to measuring and examinations.
    2. A quality based inspection of work results.
    3. A structured review of quality management activities.
    4. A meeting with the customer to identify quality requirements.

    Answer: C

  10. You are assigned as the project manager in a project with an aggressive schedule. During a recent meeting your team complained about the high pressure applied and the many hours of overwork time.

    What is the preferred solution to handle the problem?

    1. Try to obtain additional budget and time.
    2. Improve team communication and availability of high quality data on risks. Use this information to enable you to make well-founded decisions earlier.
    3. The problem might be the customer disturbing project rhythm. Keep him on distance from the team.
    4. Apply fast tracking to shorten project duration without additional work.

    Answer: A

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